Ns 3 Installation

Let’s us discuss about the process of Ns3 installation over this article with the guidance of our experts.

Step: 1 Required Packages

For the Ns3 installation, we have to install two packages in the terminal with the utilization of below mentioned commands.

  • Python

sudo apt-get  install gcc-c++ python3 python3-devel

  • C++

sudo apt-get install gcc-c++ python3

Step: 2 Download Ns-3-allinone

As the next process, we have to download the ns-3 package through the implementation of following command in the terminal.

mkdir repos

cd repos

git clone https://gitlab.com/nsnam/ns-3-allinone.git

Download Ns-3-Allinone

Location of Downloaded Ns3

Step: 3 Install Ns-3

Finally, Ns3 packages are installed when the location is changed and through the implementation of following commands.

sudo ./build.py

Ns3 Installation

We hope that we have provided the required data about the installation of Ns3, if you guys have any issues you can ping us.

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