Ns2 Simulator Download for Windows 7

Mainly, it is one among significant article in Ns2 simulator and it’s about the process of downloading Ns2 simulator in windows 7. This article is about the depiction of the step by step process of Ns2 simulator download.

Download Ns2 Simulator

As the first process, we have to download packages based on Ns2 simulator mainly for windows 7 just by using the below mentioned links. In addition, we have to download as three .rar files and store them in a single folder.

  • Link for part 1(100Mb):NS 2.35-Part1


Link to Download Ns2 Part 1

  • Link for part 2(100Mb):NS 2.35-Part2


Downloading Ns2 Part 2

  • Link for part 3(19.49Mb):NS 2.35-Part3


Download Ns2 Part 3

Notable Protocols in Ns2

Network simulator version 2 is defined as one of the open source event driven simulator. It provides code support to simulate the process of following protocols such as,

  • TCP
  • FTP
  • UDP
  • https
  • DSR
  • AODV

As a beginner, the researchers may have various questions and you can acquire answers for all the questions just by contacting us.

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