Ns3 Download for Windows 10

In this article, our research professionals have highlighted the steps that are essentials to download the Ns3 for windows 10.

System Requirements

Hereby, our technical team has enlisted the system requirements for the process of downloading Ns3.

  • Ns3 version
  • Ns-3.33
  • GUI
  • XServer for windows
  • OS used
  • Windows 10 and WSL (Ubuntu 20.04)

Installation of WSL

To install WSL, we have to implement the command in powershell prompt in windows 10 and the command is highlighted in the following.

wsl –install

Download Ubuntu

We have to open the Microsoft store app and searching for Ubuntu to download the Ubuntu. In addition, we can download the required version of Ubuntu through this.

Downloading Ubuntu


Install Ubuntu

After downloading Ubuntu, we have to install that through implementing the following command of the powershell prompt in windows 10 and the command is mentioned below.

wsl –install -d Ubuntu-20.04

Installation of Ubuntu

Download Ns3

After completing the installation process, we can download the Ns3 package from the below mentioned URL                                  “https://www.nsnam.org/releases/ns-3-33/download/”.

Download Ns3

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