Ns3 Install

The research scholars may face various issues while installing network simulator 3 by their own. Thus, we have initiated this article “Ns3 install” which includes all the required steps about the installation of Ns3.

Phase: I

First, we have to install all the required libraries as the initial process and it is installed through the execution of below mentioned commands.

 apt install g++ python3 cmake ninja-build git

apt install ccache

Phase: II

When all the essential libraries are installed, we have to download the ns-3.28 through the process of upgrading patch from ns-3.27 release to ns-3.28 release through the below mentioned URL.


Link to Download Ns-3.27

Phase: III

The ns-3.28 is installed through installing the ns-3.27 package and implementing the below mentioned command to upgrade the version over the utilization of patch file.

patch < ns-3.27-to-ns-3.28.patch

Installation of Ns-3.28

If you want to know more information about the features of Ns3 installation process then contact us to grab some knowledge. Our research experts support you throughout your research in any research field.

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