Ns3 Network Simulator

Generally, Ns3 is considered as the software emulator for the networks and it is deployed to create, design and analyze the network with the risk free virtual environment and accessing the largest networking community. Initially, the network simulator is providing the network without any limitations in the requirements of hardware.

Why should you use Ns3?

  • The modified topologies and labs based on network simulator among Ns3 for the network certification training
  • Ns3 is denoted as the finest study tool to aspire the network professionals that are seeking with the certifications with the requirements of home lab
  • Connect Ns3 to any real network
  • The power of existing hardware and develop to connect over the Ns3 topologies
  • Real time network simulation for pre deployment testing without any network hardware
  • Operating system is functioning to emulate the real characteristics of network hardware
  • Design dynamic network maps for troubleshooting and proof of concept testing
  • Networks are tested to create the process for the reduction of time and it gets the production of network
  • Rapid functions and test multiple hardware vendors


Network simulator 3 includes various components and libraries with the components and it is successfully installing the dependencies and requirements. The most significant dependencies are highlighted in the following.

  • It is the provision of network support for IOU for the UNIX
  • Virtual box
  • It is used in x86 hardware and embedded with the utilization of cross platform virtualization application
  • Cpulimit
  • It attempts to regulate the real CPU usage of process and device creation in Ns3
  • QEMU
  • It is the open source and generic machine emulator and virtualize. The machine emulator is capable to program the creation of one system to function various machines. The virtualizer us used to accomplish the native performances through the implementation of guest code in the host CPU
  • VPCS
  • It is the virtual PC simulator is used to simulate around nine PCs. It is possible for the utilization of trace route and ping commands over the virtual PCs. It is denoted as a program to precede the windows supporting network commands. In addition, it is hard to configure the network in the absence of VPCS
  • Python
  • In general, the Dynagen is written using python
  • Dynagen
  • It is the text based front end for dynamips and the hypervisor mode is deployed to communicate with dynamips. The normal configuration file is used in this process to specify the virtual router configurations and it permits the interconnection of routers and the WAN technologies such as switches, frame relays and ATM. It is denoted as the provision of CLI device functions including the elements such as
  • Console connection
  • Reload
  • Suspend
  • Stop
  • Start
  • Dynamips
  • It is the Cisco router simulator based on Ns3

Supported Operating Systems

The process if network simulator includes the additional platforms and that is functional in the Ns3 virtual machines such as bare metal cloud based process offers the packet.net and the EsXi. Ns3 is supportive for the operating systems such as.

  • Linux
  • Mac OS X mavericks
  • Version 10.9
  • Windows server 2016
  • 64 bit
  • Windows server 2012
  • 64 bit
  • Windows 10
  • 64 bit
  • Windows 8
  • 64 bit
  • Windows 7
  • 64 bit

Ns3 Device Configuration

The process of configuration in device includes the complexity of significance in the fundamental network topology that is functional in the starting configuration process. The initial step of device configuration is to add the process towards Ns3 map. It is deployed to configure the device and that have to be right clicked to configure the options that is selected from the menu.

The process of device configuration includes the selection of left pane and it provides the general options that are available in the selected devices such as hardware options based on platform. The processor card is NPE and midplane for the modules connection among the NPE. The disk tab and memories provides the capability to configure the memory and disk allocation in device. RAM size includes the need based on particular image that is deployed and it includes the options through the selection of mouse curser through configured device.

Network Module Form Factors

The cisco network modules that are available in the some form factors to provide the functionality and modularity of users and the form factors are listed in the following.

  • Single wide network module
  • It is functioning with the network module adapter for the utilization of ISRs of Cisco 2900 series and 3900 series
  • Extended double wide network modules
  • It is denoted as NME-XD which is supportive for the Cisco 2851 and Cisco 3800 series routers. It is functioning in the two extended single wide network module slots to install this module
  • Extended single wide network modules
  • It is installed in the configurable network module slots such as the Cisco 2821, Cisco 2851 and Cisco 3800 series routers. It is not capable to be installed in the Cisco MWR 1941-DC routers, Cisco 3700 series, Cisco 3600 series and Cisco 2600 series
  • Single wide network modules
  • It is installed in the fixed network module slots such as Cisco MWR 1941-DC routers, Cisco 3700 series, Cisco 3600 series, Cisco 2600 series and the some configurable network module slots including the Cisco 3800 series routers, Cisco 2851, Cisco 2821 and Cisco 2811. The network module adapter is used for the installation process
  • Double wide network modules
  • The removal of right side panel is required for installation in the top slot Cisco 3725 router and they are in the bottom slot of single wide modules. In addition, the Cisco 3745 router is included as the two single wide slots and that is supportive to remove the midwall divider

Research Topics in Ns3 Network Simulator

  • Analysis of influence of UDP parameters on QoS in IP network
  • Slow hypertext transfer protocol mitigation model in software defined networks
  • Implementation and performance analysis of traffic engineered multiprotocol label switching network for IPv6 clients
  • NS3 limitations when emulating connectivity and management for backbone networks: a case study of CANARIE
  • Feasibility analysis of network security teaching platform based on KVM and NS3

In brief, our research team is functioning for your research prerequisites and for your achievements in the research career. So, you can join hands with us from the beginning of your research work in Ns3 network simulator. You can also reach us at any stage with your demands and we will help you from that stage. Notably, our well experienced research professionals support you for the great success in your research career.

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