Optical Network Simulator

At present, do you guys have any idea about the optical network simulator? If not, no worries!!! Our research experts acquired all the required keynotes and functions about optical network simulator over this article. Let’s get to know this in the following.

Optical Network Simulator

The discrete event is deployed in optical network simulators to simulate the traffic requests in optical WDM network and the simulation tools based on optical network are listed in the following.

  • Matlab
  • Ns 3
  • OMNeT++

Ns3 Classes and Modules for Optical Network Simulation

Hereby, we have highlighted the notable classes and modules that have been used in the optical network simulation process.

  • Classes
  • NgponConnection
  • It is deployed to make connection among the nodes based on NGEM port
  • NgponNetDevice
  • It is used to create XG-PON net device and interact with upper layers and optical distribution channel
  • Modules
  • Radio over fiber (RoF)
  • Optical transport network (OTN)
  • Passive optical network (PON)

Ns3 Source Code for Optical Network Simulation

Moreover, we have highlighted some of the sample Ns3 codes based on optical network simulation.

  • Import header files

#include “ns3/gpon-helper.h”

#include “ns3/gpon-config-db.h”

#include “ns3/gpon-channel.h”

#include “ns3/gpon-onu-net-device.h”

#include “ns3/gpon-olt-net-device.h”

#include “ns3/gpon-module.h”

#include “ns3/stats-module.h”

  • Configure gpon

GponHelper gponHelper;

GponConfigDb& gponConfigDb = gponHelper.GetConfigDb ( );

gponConfigDb.SetOltNetmaskLen (8);

gponConfigDb.SetOnuNetmaskLen (24);

gponConfigDb.SetIpAddressFirstByteForGpon (10);;

In addition, you can feel free to contact us if you have any doubts while implementing optical network simulator by your own.

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