Big data analytics involves four steps such as data collection and model training by using machine learning and data mining, performance metrics-based result comparison, and future values prediction. Web analytics, social media, billing, information of locations, information of customer, networks, and its provision are the input streaming sources of big data. Our expert panel team will assist you in developing PhD research topics in big data analytics. We will provide complete research assistance in big data analytics.

Hadoop, SAP, QlikView, Splunk, Amazon Web service, Tableau, etc., are some of the toolkits in big data analytics. Data drive lake, governance data security and data preparation, Hadoop spark and cloud co-operation, big data analytics-based machine learning disruptors are the big data trends in the research field.

Novel PhD Research Topics in Big Data Analytics

What is Big Data?

Big data is the data that is structured, semi-structured, or unstructured and includes the processes of mining. The unstructured data includes the video, audio files, etc. The structured data consists of the datastore in SQL, postgresal database, schema database, etc. The semi-structured data includes the tst, tweets, csv, arrays, json objects, etc. The 8Vs based on big data are listed below

  • Variety
  • Volume
  • Viscosity
  • Veracity
  • Value
  • Virality
  • Visualization
  • Velocity 

What are the Steps Involved in Big Data?

  • Data processing
    • Hive, MapReduce, spark are used for the process of data
  • Data ingestion
    • In the process of ingestion, the data is stored in HDFS. It takes place with the sources such as CRM, RDBMS, SAP etc.
  • Data storage
    • The ingested data is warehoused in NoSQL and HDFS. In addition, it is used to enhance the consecutive access

Generally speaking, to do PhD research topics in big data analytics require an extensive understanding of the functions, architectural model, and parameters description for the proper use of the big data analytics. Below is a complete description and classification of big data management for your understanding.

Taxonomy of Big Data Management

  • Data storage
    • Clustering
      • Execution process in delay
      • High volume of data is stored limited
      • Predicting data is complex
    • Replication
      • Lack of consideration
      • Inconsistency of data
    • Indexing
      • Updated index is required for the variable data
      • Data retrieval in delay
      • Lack of accuracy
  • Preprocessing
    • Transmission
      • Limits in the speed of transmission
      • Capacity self-conscious link
      • Lack of traffic
    • Cleansing
      • Erroneous inputs
      • Data duplication and missing
  • Processing
    • Classification
      • Prevention of partitioning
      • Heterogeneity
    • Prediction
      • Constrains of accuracy
      • Lack of data quality

For add-on information, all the research field has their own research issues. Similarly, the research problems in big data analytics are highlighted by our research experts with the appropriate solutions. 

Research Challenges of Big Data
  • Analytics and Insights
    • The process of identification, analyzing, insights derivation in high volume data is the complex task
  • Storage
    • Storing a high volume of data is a multifaceted task because big data used to comprise the data
  • Security
    • The should be no leakage of data and every single bit of data is stored with high security

So far, we have introduced big data analytics, its functions, and research challenges in big data analytics. This is not an end, since it is the starting point of the research article. Without delay, hear our expert’s words about the significant techniques of big data analytics. From that, you will dig more and more novel matter for your further research on big data analytics. 

Big Data Techniques

  • Factor & classification tree analysis
  • Principal component & survival analysis
  • Bayesian techniques
  • Time series & discrete choice models
  • Genetic algorithms
  • Neural networks
  • Hierarchical Bayes & structural equation models
  • Linear or non-linear programming & regressions
  • Dimensionality reduction
  • Support vector machines
  • Latent class & MCMC methods
  • Optimization

If you require more research techniques in big data analytics to discuss and shape your research knowledge you can approach our research experts. The significant algorithms for big data analytics are highlighted below, 

Big Data Analytics Algorithm

  • Q learning
  • Neural network
  • Winnow algorithm
  • Hopfield net
  • Bootstrap aggregating
  • Backpropagation
  • Compressed sensing
  • Sketching & streaming
  • LPboost, brown boots & Adaboost
  • Eclat algorithm
  • Decision tree

Above we have discussed the major research algorithms in big data analytics. Our well-experienced research and development experts have listed down some of platforms to innovate PhD research topics in big data analytics by using the above-mentioned algorithms. To add on information, we provide assistance for your ideas to obtain a better result. Let us check out the novel research stages in big data analytics. 

Big Data Platforms and Tools

  • A big stream processing system
    • Flink
    • Infosphere streams
    • S4
    • Storm
  • A big graph processing system
    • GraphX
    • Pregel
    • GraphLab
  • Big SQL system
    • Presto
    • IBM Big & Spark SQL
    • HAWQ
    • Impala
    • Hive
  • General-purpose system
    • Tez
    • Flink
    • Spark
    • Hadoop

Our research experts in big data provide the details about tools used in the process of big data analytics. The tools such as

  • Performance test tools
    • Yahoo cloud serving benchmark (YCSB)
    • Sandstorm
    • JMeter
  • Monitoring tools
    • JMX conveniences
    • Zabbix
    • Ganglia
    • Nagios
  • Diagnostic tools
    • VisualVM
    • AppDynamics
    • Compuware

With the help of all these characteristics of big data analytics, you may precede your PhD research topics in big data analytics. We have a lot of recent research techniques, tools, and protocols to provide big data analytics projects. In addition, here we offer the application areas in big data for your reference. 

Application Areas in Big Data

  • Multi voxel pattern analysis
    • Used to decode the human brain
  • Point in time analysis
    • Accustomed to collecting data through minor duration
  • IoT analysis
    • Data is used from anywhere
  • Data virtualization
    • Generalization of data
  • Data federation
    • Data integration

Our skillful developing team is to develop advanced technologies in big data analytics. So, your own big data thesis ideas are also assisted by our technical team in any type of specified simulation tool. Gain knowledge from us and shine in your research career. Here we have highlighted the notable research fields in big data analytics. 

Research Areas in Big Data

  • Internet of things
    • Smart city
    • Healthcare applications
    • Processing management for business
  • Cloud computing
    • Cloud data traffic
    • Digital entrepreneurship
    • Evaluation of service quality
    • Virtualized fortification setup
    • Calculation of reliability
  • Web mining
    • Access of data through fuzzy decision trees
    • Encryption of cloud data
    • Detecting twitter spam and sentiment analysis
  • Data mining
    • Citation of action portrayals
    • Social voting through online
    • Predicting emotions
    • Disease analysis through machine learning

From the above-mentioned research areas, you can predict any topic in big data analytics. For that, our experts are totally responsible to work on your selected research topic. Firstly, our research experts have highlighted some of the tips for you in picking the latest developments in big data analytics. 

Current Trends in Big Data

  • Networking and connectivity
  • Algorithms and models in big data
  • Privacy and security techniques in big data
  • Big data mining and analytics
  • Social media, bioinformatics, etc.
  • Big data in 5G networks
  • Social mining and web searching
    • Link and graph mining
    • Data pre-processing
    • Integration & cleaning
    • Efficiency & scalability

So far, we have discussed the up-to-date enhancements in big data to select the novel research topic. All the above-mentioned trends help to select the most appropriate Big data research topic for the research and we do not skip any of them during your PhD research topics in big data analytics. Here, we have listed some of our innovations in big data analytics. 

PhD Research Topics in Big Data Analytics

  • Quantum computing in big data analytics
  • Graph database
  • Uncertainty model inefficient way
  • Relocation and storage is well organized
  • Privacy and security
  • Complex analytics with reduction of cost in cloud
  • Big data analysis and adoption
  • Stream data processing
  • Real-time analytics and scalability

To this end, we are functioning for your research needs and for your research career achievements. So, you can have us from the beginning stage of your PhD research topics in big data analytics. You can also reach us at any stage of your project with your research demands and we provide support and assist you from that stage. Anyway, we will bring massive success to your research work. Reach as to aid more.

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