Research Topics in Cloud Computing Security

Cloud Computing Security is the popular technology used to safeguard the data stored in the cloud through effective measures that prevent the online threats of cloud computing. Though cloud computing is an advanced solution to offer on-demand IT resources, it brings vulnerabilities in each layer of delivering services. So, it compulsorily requires security on all sides of cloud infrastructure. This page makes scholars understand the significant effect of cloud security in the research world along with recent research Topics in Cloud Computing Security!!! 

PhD Research Topics in Cloud Computing Security

Cloud Computing Security Definition  

As a matter of fact, cloud security is composed of a set of policies/schemes to protect the applications from undesired attacks. Also, it guards the data, frameworks, and virtualized IP. In general, the public cloud is shared among the cloud service provider (CSP) and cloud users. On contrary, private cloud is completely managed by the owned single cloud user/client.

The security responsibilities are also shared based on this setup. Particularly, the CSP is accountable to secure the shared cloud infrastructure. For more clarity, the CSP needs to focus on cloud API, storage network, routers, DNS, firewalls, switches, load balancers, directory services, and hypervisors.

By realizing the importance of cloud security, our research team passionately spent more time identifying recent research ideas in cloud security. Also, we have long-term practice in developing cloud security-based applications which are sure to meet the current security demand of the cloud system. Here, we have given some thought-provoking up-to-date research notions of cloud security. 

PhD Research Topics in Cloud Computing Security 

  • Security Management
    • A major portion of cloud security planning and design. Since this helps to construct the trust of the cloud
    • Act as a security tool to manage the information of the cloud users from unauthorized access and attacks
    • Assure to pinpoint the security issues corresponding to fault tolerance, access/change control, business continuity plan, susceptibility analysis, incident reaction, backup, and disaster recovery
  • Network Access
    • Users can employ or utilize the service regardless of their location and devices
    • To support remote access, the user only needs a strong internet connection, and devices like digital gadgets
  • Shared Infrastructure
    • Support sharing of resources and services over cloud environment. For instance: network and storage
    • Enable the user to access the resource from anywhere at any time through sophisticated cloud infrastructure
  • Secure Execution Environment
    • Need to support distributed cloud environment which executes the applications in multiple servers in a distant location
    • Provide security to the applications that communicate with external sources
    • Eliminate the unsuitable sensitive data access
  • Managed Metering
    • CSP measure the usage of cloud-based resources, services, and software for billing the services
  • Dynamic Provisioning
    • Cloud networks should have the ability to support a large volume of devices without affecting the actual system performance
    • The environment should be more flexible and scalable to adapt run-time changes
    • For example Facebook
  • Identity Management and Access Control
    • Authenticate the user using their identity info like ID and password and Control their accessibility
    • For instance: Hand geometry, Fingerprint detection, Iris/ Retina Scan, Voice recognition, etc.
  • Secure Communications
    • Security is more important in cloud computing. Since the application information will be shared among different clouds, So, the mobility of cloud data is need to be monitored and controlled in cloud computing
    • In general, it requires standard security technologies, infrastructure, data transport format, transmission approaches
    • Also, it is essential to assure data readiness, integrity, privacy while distributing the data over a heterogeneous network

Once the topic is confirmed, then we need to choose the development tool for implementing your research topic in reality. There are so many tools have designed for cloud computing. Each tool has different functionalities and working processes. Based on the project requirements, we need to select the best tool which gives accurate results.  


  • OCT (Open Cloud Testbed)
    • Support researchers/developers to create large-scale cloud testbeds
    • Design and simulate the cloud computing models
    • Easy to monitor the cloud workloads and infrastructure through measuring devices, inspecting prototypes and network libraries
    • Through jetting protocols, it performs an operative process in a 10Gb/s network over the internet
  • Network CloudSim
    • Extension of cloudsim and cloudlet with scalable network
    • Support modeling of complex application/system
  • Scyther
    • Self-control security verification and test tool
    • Communication among cloud and mobile networks
  • NetSim
    • A network simulation tool to support analyze how the network process takes place
    • Measures the network behavior in cloud
    • Analyze the cloud features as SLA, VM migration, storage, working devices, network, algorithms, power usage, etc.
  • Alloy Analyzer
    • Open source programming software, language and analyzer
    • Design the transmission service between user and cloud
    • Also, it is a verification tool that analyze the designed model and authenticate all the entities in the model
  • Tamarin Prover
    • Security protocol based verification tool for protecting cloud environs
    • Build the Elliptic Curve Integrated Encryption Scheme (ECIES) model
    • Design and simulate the security system based on BAN
    • Employ the AVISPA tool for formal security verification
  • GroudSim
    • Java-enabled simulator tool also called as Gr-Grid oud-Cloud
    • Used to model the cloud and grid applications/devices
    • Special characteristics to analyze the employed technology inheritance and value
    • Works effectively in the complicated simulation system
    • Mainly intended for IaaS applications along with its subordinates as TaaS, DaaS, and PaaS

At present, the above-specified tools play a significant role in developing cloud security-related systems. Beyond this, we also have other simulators which many of the scholars preferred to practically simulate their research ideas.  

How to Write a Good Thesis Statement?

In the overall research phases, the thesis requires special attention because it gives valuable information about how you create and construct your research work. It describes all the activities of your research starting from topic selection to execution with accurate results.  The first and foremost thing in the research process is identifying the interesting research area. From that, you have to select an innovative research idea. The title of the research will give the overall outline of your work. So, be aware while selecting the research topic. 

For the best Research Topics in Cloud Computing Security, you can approach our team. We will let you know the research updates on recent technological developments. After finalizing the topic, identify the appropriate solutions for solving the handpicked problem. Then, we give you code implementation support through suitable development tools and technologies. At last, prepare the perfect master thesis to speak out your efforts in the research journey. For your information, our native writers have given some key aspects that enhance your thesis quality which produces a flawless thesis. Ultimately, it directs you and readers to do a study on future research on various themes. Such effective research helps like,

  • Complete the thesis statement with improved coherence
  • Justify a thesis statement and fulfill the thesis requirements in all the respects
  • Exhibit the flow of the research process in a well-structured manner with a complete explanation
  • Evaluate the obtained research outcome and discuss the fair conclusions with suitable experimental evidence
  • Make the examiners understand the proposed research work and their importance

On the whole, we give our step-by-step guidance in each phase of the research. Also, we let you know more ground-breaking Research Topics in Cloud Computing Security. So, make use of this opportunity and contact us to create remarkable research work.

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