SDN Research Proposal

Software Defined Networking (SDN) is popularly known as a network architecture technique that separates SDN controllers from switches. Most importantly, SDN lets the network work wisely and centrally organized through the software package or other applications. So, SDN is widely spread in all parts of the world because of its extensive usage. Reach our expert panel team for sdn research proposal writing help. And, some of them are given as follows:

  • Content Accessibility in Network Breakdown
  • Advanced Bandwidth Controlling
  • Real-Time Security Services
  • High-Performance Computing (HPC) and Application
  • Intelligent SDN Network Monitoring  

How to write up SDN Research Proposal

This page deals with the upcoming research directions in the area of Software Defined Network!!! 

How do SDN works?

  • SDN comprises various kinds of mechanisms such as network function separation, virtualization, and automation. Ultimately, SDN is committed exclusively to the parting of the network control plane from the data plane. Here, the control plane has the right to decide on the flow of packets in the network whereas the data plane moves packets from one place to another.
  • A packet reaches a network switch and instructions are framed into the switch’s proprietary firmware to communicate with the switch about the forward packet. In this, the rules are forwarded to the switch from the centralized controller.
  • The switch is also termed as a data plane device that guides the controller for their queries and delivers the traffic information to the controller. The switch transfers each and every packet to the same endpoint by following the usual path. And also, it equally treats all the packets in the same manner.

Hope, now you get a clear idea about the SDN functionalities and the reasons behind their successful constant growth. After that, we can see the significant research problems which are handpicked from the major research areas of SDN as network safety, flexibility, and accessibility. These areas may help you to identify a new dimension of SDN Research Proposal. 

Major Issues in SDN 

  • Scalability and Availability
    • Reduced Data Rate
    • Resources Shortage and Inaccessibility
    • Network Components Collapse (Switches, Routers, and Controllers)
  • Security 
    • Fake Policy Development
    • Fraud Detection Applications
    • Improved User Access Control
    • Data Modification and Thefts
    • other Various Malicious Attacks 

Research Challenges in SDN

While creating new networks or transforming the current networks into an optimistic one, the SDN initiative still meets several sequences of problems which comprise as follows,

  • Reliability
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Interoperability
  • Scalability
  • Consistency
  • Monitoring of Network

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Right now, our technical professionals are doing the study on a few key characteristics specially meant for handling wide-scale SDN networks for better performance and control. For your information, we have listed some attributes that initiate improved network management.  

What are the network management features in SDN? 
  • Large-Scale Scalable Environment
  • Configuration of Network Controller
  • Data Transmission and Service Management
  • Management of Network Configuration
  • Traffic and Control Channel

Moreover, our experts have highlighted a few more provocative ideas in other respects. In the time of Software Defined Networking  Research Proposal topic selection make sure that your selected idea redefines the future of SDN. We assure you that we will cherry-pick that kind of research notion.

Software Defined Networking SDN Research Proposal Ideas

  • Efficient OSI Layer Discovery
  • Wireless Energy Harvesting Low Power Sensors
  • End-to-End Visibility and Flow Control
  • Resource Distribution and Optimization
  • Mobility and Handover Management
  • Huge Volume of Devices Connection
  • Energy-Efficient and Improved Sleep scheduling
  • Interference Management and Avoidance
  • Enabling Security Technologies and Functions
  • Intrusion Prevention and Detection System
  • Minimized Data Redundancy in Aggregation
  • Design of Emergency Traffic-Adaptive MAC Protocol
  • Data Transmission Control and Management
  • Clustering and Efficient Cluster Head Selection
  • Optimized Sensor Nodes Localization and Placement
  • Radio Spectrum Allocation and Brokerage Handling
  • Dynamic SDN Load Balancing and so on

On the whole, when you finish writing your SDN Research Proposal, you are proficient in the following phases of your research work.

  • Variation of SDN with traditional networks
  • Issues related to SDN along with Solving Methodologies
  • Essential fundamentals for creating project setup
  • Development tools for implementing SDN research

And, we promise to give you end-to-end PhD Guidance in your needy time regardless of challenges.

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