Simulation Tools for IoT

As the matter of fact, OMNeT++, Ns3 and Cooja are defined as the significant simulation tools used in IoT simulation process. Here, our research professionals have highlighted the process of downloading the notable simulation tools that are required to simulate the IoT device.

Download Simulation Tools for IoT

To implement the IoT simulation, we have to download the simulation tools that are functional to simulate IoT.

Downloading Ns3

URL to Download OMNeT++

Programming Languages in Network Simulation Tools

Here, we have illustrated some programming languages based on network simulation tools to simulate IoT.

  • OMNeT++
  • It is the network simulator that includes C++ based simulation kernel which uses C++ compiler for implementation
  • Ns3
  • C++ or Python programming languages are used in Ns3 user programs
  • Cooja
  • C or Java is used to write and compile the WSN based projects using Cooja. But the file configuration in the Cooja simulation is saved with the file extension .CSC

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