Tossim Simulator in WSN

In general, we have provided all the essential details about the significance of tossim simulator in WSN through this article.

Step: 1 Download Tinyos

Initially, we have to download tinyos for the performance of tossim simulator process through the URL which is highlighted below.


Link to Download Tinyos

Step: 2 Compile Tossim with Python

Following that, we have to compile the tossim with python through the implementation of the below mentioned commands.

cd tinyos-main/apps/RadioCountToLeds

make micaz sim

Compiling Tossim with Python

Step: 3 Simulate WSN with Tossim

As a final point, we have to simulate the wireless sensor network with Tossim, so we have to go to the run and click the run module option in IDE as shown in the below mentioned image.

Simulating WSN with Tossim

In addition, the research scholars may face various issues while implementing tossim simulator in wireless sensor network. Thus, we are providing the complete support for the scholars. Ping us to aid more!!!

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