What are Classes of CloudSim

Through this article, our research professionals have depicted all the substantial classes based on the CloudSim along with its specifications.

Classes of CloadSim

  • DatacenterBroker
  • It is considered as the policy which is assistive for the process of binding cloudlet along with VM and it is deployed to reduce the execution time of a cloudlet
  • VM
  • Virtual machine is running the host to share the lost list with other VMs and the CloudletScheduler is considered as the most significant definition for this process
  • Host
  • It is the physical machine in the datacenter and it is also called as server. It is deployed to execute the actions based on management of virtual machines such as destruction and creation
  • Datacenter
  • It is a cloud resource for the virtualization of the lost list and it is deployed to process the VM queries in place of processing queries related to cloudlet

Simulation Using CloudSim Classes

We can create a project through the utilization of CloudSim in NetBeans IDE through the simulation execution and we have highlighted the result of that simulation process.

Result of Simulation Execution

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