What are Some Good Publications to Publish Your Research Papers in Electronics and Communication

When it comes to research platform, the research scholars are struggling to select the appropriate and topmost publication to publish their research paper soon after the completion of their paper. To make that process as much as easy and possible, our technical experts have highlighted some substantial list of journals based on electronics and communication.

  • Electronic journal of knowledge management
  • International journal of electronics and telecommunications
  • Electronics and communications in Japan
  • International journal of computers, communications and control
  • Optics communications
  • International journal of electronics
  • IEICE transactions on electronics
  • IEICE electronics express
  • IEEE transactions on circuits and systems for video technology
  • IEEE consumer electronics magazine
  • IEEE communications magazine
  • IEEE Canadian journal of electrical and computer engineering
  • Electronics letters
  • Electronics
  • AEU international journal of electronics and communications
  • Advances in electrical and computer engineering
  • Advanced electronic materials
  • ACS applied electronic materials
  • ACM transactions on design automation of electronic systems
  • ACM journal on emerging technologies in computing systems
  • Computer communications

The researchers whose paper is based on electronics and communication can select any one of the above mentioned journal for publication. If you people need even more assistance, you guys can ping us.

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