What are Some Good Simulation Tools to Simulate an IoT Based Project

Mainly, this article is considered as the provision of required information about the good simulation tools to simulate IoT based projects. Now, let’s start this with the keynotes about the simulation tools used to simulate IoT.

Tools to Simulate IoT Based Projects

Here, we have enlisted the tools that are used to simulate the research projects based on IoT.

  • iFogsim
  • Matlab
  • Ns3
  • Cooja

List of IoT Based Projects

For your ease, our technical experts have highlighted the list of research topics in the field of internet of things.

  • Ns3
  • Three level ids for intrusion detection based on semantic event mapping and conditional generative adversarial network (CGAN) for IoT environment
  • Dynamic UAV positioning and energy efficient path planning for disaster scenarios in multi UAV assisted 5g network
  • Attention based ResNet for intrusion detection and severity analysis using sliding window blockchain and firewall in IoT
  • Cooja
  • Secure RPL based routing protocol utilizing moth flame optimizer for the IoT applications
  • RPL load balancing in IoT network with burst traffic scenarios
  • Blockchain aided deep learning model for hybrid and collaborative routing attack detection and mitigation in RPL

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