What are the Challenges in Adoption and Implementation of SDN

In the field of software defined network, the research scholars have to select research issues to develop the research projects with the appropriate solution. But the research scholars are feeling it is the hard process. Thus, our technical experts have highlighted some list of challenges in software defined network.

Challenges in SDN

  • Lack of reliability due to ineffective flow table management
  • Increased energy consumption due to improper routing in SDN
  • Unauthorized access and routing attacks in SDN environment
  • Scalability and single point failure issues due to poor controller management

In addition, our experienced research professionals have described the appropriate solution for the above mentioned issues.

Apt Solutions

  • RL based optimal flow table management
  • Energy efficient and load balanced routing using DRL
  • Continuous authentication and authorization using cryptography algorithms
  • Meta heuristics based multi controller placement in SDN environment

Hereby, we have highlighted the source codes that are deployed in the process of calculating routing overhead based on AODV using Ns3.

Algorithms in SDN

  • Enhanced bidirectional generative adversarial network (E-BiGAN) algorithm
  • It is deployed to perform the intrusion detection process
  • Dove swarm optimization (DSO)
  • It is utilized to identify the optimal switch node for the migration process
  • Dijkstra algorithm
  • It is used to determine the shortest path planning
  • K-anonymity algorithm based on the improved black hole optimisation
  • It is deployed to perform the switch clustering

If you have any queries while implementing the research projects in SDN, you guys can contact us through various medium.

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