What are the Current Unsolved Issues of Intrusion Detection System

In fact! Our research experts are providing the wide-ranging research support for the research scholars to solve the major issues that are remaining as unsolved issues currently through this article.

Foremost Issues in IDS

  • User and data alteration in SDWSN environment
  • Increased malicious traffics in SDN environment
  • Malicious intruder such as spoofing based threats in FANET environment
  • Malicious packets related threats in IoT environment
  • Increased unauthorized access in cloud environment
  • Malicious service selection threats in cloud environment

As the consequent process, our technical experts have highlighted the appropriate solutions for the above mentioned issues in intrusion detection system.

Pertinent Solutions for IDS Issues

  • Perform data integrity based methods on user data
  • Perform deep learning based malicious traffic filtering mechanism
  • Encrypting the communication path using cryptographic algorithms.
  • Performing signature and anomaly based intrusion detection using packet features
  • Distributed mutual authentication to the users based on several metrics
  • Biometrics
  • PUF
  • Trust based service selection and service authentication using blockchain

Are you guys excited to know about the significant topics in intrusion detection system? We have enlisted the some notable research topics of IDS in the following.

Research Topics in Intrusion Detection System

  • Cyber intrusion detection system based on a multi objective binary bat algorithm for feature selection and enhanced bat algorithm for parameter optimization in neural networks
  • Adversarial attacks against deep learning based network intrusion detection systems and defense mechanisms
  • Hybrid intrusion detection system based on feature selection and weighted stacking classifier
  • Flexible and robust real time intrusion detection systems to network dynamics
  • Performance of machine learning models for anomaly based intelligent intrusion detection systems for the internet of things
  • Overhead reduction technique for software defined network based intrusion detection systems
  • Self-learning spatial distribution based intrusion detection for industrial cyber physical systems
  • Cloud intrusion detection method based on stacked contractive auto encoder and support vector machine
  • early detection of network intrusions using a GAN based one class classifier

Now, you guys can just begin to implement the projects on intrusion detection system by your own and hit us through numerous platforms if assistance required.

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