What are the Research Areas in Routing Protocols in Wired Networks

Mainly, this article is the representation of the emerging research areas, topics, protocols and metrics in the wired network research filed with the guidance of our research experts.

Research Areas in Wired Networks

Let’s start this article with the list of research areas based on routing protocols in wired networks.

  • Secure and scalable routing in hybrid of wired and WSN
  • QOS aware routing in SDN/IoT
  • SDN attentive hybrid of wired and WSN architecture of cloud data center
  • Energy efficient wired/wireless communication in sensor network
  • Hybrid of wired and WSN assisted cloud service

Project Topics in Wired Networks

Through the reference of above mentioned research areas, our resource team have highlighted some project topics in routing protocols in wired networks.

  • Access control policies in wired networks
  • Intelligent mapping and auditing in wired networks
  • Secure encrypted routing wired networks
  • VLAN authenticated routing in wired networks
  • Automatic network updation in wired networks
  • Filtering the MAC addresses in Wired networks

Routing Protocols in Wired Networks

For your reference, we people have highlighted some routing protocols based on wireless networks.

  • Open shortest path first (OSPF)
  • Enhanced interior gateway protocol (EIGRP)
  • Routing information protocol version 2 (RIPv2)

Routing Metrics in Wireless Networks

As well as, our technical experts have highlighted some routing metrics based on wireless networks.

  • MTU
  • Reliability
  • Load
  • Delay
  • Bandwidth
  • Cost
  • Hop count

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