What is a Cloudlet in CloudSim

Let’s discuss the major utilization of cloudlets in the CloudSim over the highlights of this article. Firstly, we have to get to know about the keynotes of cloudlet in CloudSim.

Phase: I

In general, cloudlet is consider as the novel architectural element that is raised from the convergence of the mobile computing and cloud computing process and it is considered as the representation of the middle tier of a 3 tier hierarchy.

Phase: II

Following that, our research professionals have highlighted the utilization of cloudlets in CloudSim.

  • cloudbus.cloudsim.schedulers.cloudlet.network
  • It is considered as the provision of CloudletTaskScheduler execution for the network packet dispatch
  • cloudbus.cloudsim.schedulers.cloudlet
  • It is the provision of CloudletTaskScheduler to schedule the execution of multiple cloudlet
  • cloudbus.cloudsim.cloudlets.network
  • It is offering the network enabled cloudlet implementation
  • cloudbus.cloudsim.cloudlets
  • If deals with the provision of cloudlet implementations

For your ease, our technical professionals have enlisted some sample code based on the cloudlet in CloudSim.


package cloudreports.models;

import java.io.Serializable;

public class UtilizationProfile implements Serializable{

private long id;

private String brokerPolicyAlias;

private double timeZone;

private int numOfCloudlets;

private long length;

private long fileSize;

private long outputSize;

private int cloudletsPesNumber;

private String utilizationModelCpuAlias;

private String utilizationModelRamAlias;


private String utilizationModelBwAlias;

private double timeToSend;

public UtilizationProfile() {














public long getId() {

return id;




public void setId(long id) {

this.id = id;







public int getNumOfCloudlets() {

return numOfCloudlets;




public void setNumOfCloudlets(int numOfCloudlets) {

this.numOfCloudlets = numOfCloudlets;




public long getLength() {

return length;




public void setLength(long length) {

this.length = length;




public String getUtilizationModelRamAlias() {

return utilizationModelRamAlias;



public String getUtilizationModelBwAlias() {

return utilizationModelBwAlias;



public String toString() {

StringBuilder s = new StringBuilder(“Broker Policy ID=”+getBrokerPolicyAlias()+”\n”);

s.append(“Time Zone (GMT)=”+getTimeZone()+”\n”);

s.append(“Cloudlets per minute=”+getNumOfCloudlets()+”\n”);

s.append(“Max length=”+getLength()+”\n”);

s.append(“Max File Size=”+getFileSize()+”\n”);

s.append(“Max Output Size=”+getOutputSize()+”\n”);

s.append(“Cloudlets PEs=”+getCloudletsPesNumber()+”\n”);

s.append(“CPU UM=”+getUtilizationModelCpuAlias()+”\n”);

s.append(“RAM UM =”+getUtilizationModelRamAlias()+”\n”);

s.append(“Bandwidth UM =”+getUtilizationModelBwAlias()+”\n”);

return s.toString();



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