What is Network Simulator in Cellular Network

Let’s start this article “network simulator in cellular network” with some tips to know about the network simulators in cellular network while implementing the process with the guidance of our well knowledgeable research professionals.

Network Simulators for Cellular Network

Initially, we have started this article with the list of network simulators that are used in the creation process of cellular networks.

  • NS 2
  • OMNeT++
  • NS 3

Build Classes in Cellular Network Simulators

In addition, we have highlighted some classes that are deployed in the creation process of cellular networks.

  • OMNeT++
  • VoIPSender
  • Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) is used for sender process
  • LteCellInfo
  • It is deployed in all eNB and keeps the cross layer information about cell
  • Ns3
  • WifiNetDevice
  • It holds the ns3::WifiChannel, ns3::WifiPhy, ns3::WifiMac, and ns3::WifiRemoteStationManager for WIFI simulation
  • LteUeNetDevice
  • It is deployed to implement the UE net device in LTE
  • LteEnbNetDevice
  • It is used for eBodeB device execution in LTE
  • MmWaveUeNetDevice
  • It is functional in UE device implementation in mmWave based 5G
  • MmWaveEnbNetDevice
  • It is used in eNodeB device implementation in mmwave based 5G

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