What is Ns2

Let’s take a look about the substantial notes based on the network simulator 2 over this article which is derived by well experienced and qualified research professionals.

Short Note on Network Simulator 2

Most significantly, Ns2 is capable to simulate the real behavior of the router and switch or some other networking devices as per the research concepts. Through the utilization of network simulator 2 in simulation process, we are capable to generate the packet traces in both .tr and .nam files over the utilization of the .nam trace file to acquire the network animator result.

Ns2 Implementations

In addition, our technical professionals have highlighted the implementations based on network simulator 2.

  • CRN using Ns2
  • Through the integration of CRCN patch into Ns2, the simulation based on cognitive radio network using Ns2 is performed
  • SDN using Ns2
  • Openflow in Ns2 is implemented to perform the simulation using Ns2 model PT_SDN
  • VANET using Ns2
  • SUMO and Ns2 is connected using Ns2 model Ns2MobilityHelper to create the VANET process

Moreover, the research scholars can attain a lot about network simulator 2 just by reaching our technical experts.

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