What is the Use of OMNeT

In general, OMNeT is deployed for various purposes and some them are enlisted in the following.

  • OMNeT++ has widespread of GUI support
  • It is considered as the modular architecture and the simulation kernel can be embedded easily into the applications
  • OMNeT++ provides component architecture for models
  • Reusability of models comes for free

The research scholars can acquire a lot about the OMNeT++ through this article and our technical professionals have enlisted the substantial model libraries of OMNeT++.

  • SimuLTE
  • OverSim
  • CoRE
  • Veins
  • INET

We have implemented the sample OMNeT simulation for your reference and to implement this we have to right click the project name and select the OMNeT simulation as shown in the image.

Execution of OMNeT++ Simulation

Result of Simulation

Result Window of Execution

Thus, the research scholars can make a bond with us and be in touch with us for your research work.

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