What Type of Routing is Used in VANET

Are you guys in need of the best support to know about the routing types deployed in VANET and research guidance based on selecting research topics in vehicular ad hoc network? Then, this article will direct you because we have enlisted the information as much as required.

Routing in VANET

The VANET routing protocol is categorized into two significant types and they are highlighted in the following along with its specifications.

  • Position based routing protocols
  • Algorithms based on positioning mechanism with the utilization of location based applications and data path selection
  • Topology based routing protocols
  • Link information is used to transmit the data packets among nodes by VANET

In addition to that, we have highlighted some routing protocols based on vehicular ad hoc network.

  • AODV and AOMDV
  • Multi agent based TD3 algorithm (MATD3).
  • Multi hop broadcast and best forwarder selection protocol (UMBBFSC)

Project Topics in VANET

Most significantly, our technical people have enlisted some of the research project topics based on VANET.

  • Secure SDN based routing for VANET
  • Intersection aware routing, driver behavior analysis and secure safety message dissemination using intellectual approaches in fog enabled IoCV environment
  • Routing & communication among vehicles and v2x based on dedicated short range communications (DSRC) and cellular networks
  • Super cluster based UMBBFS routing protocol for emergency message dissemination in edge -RSU for 5G VANET

Classes of Routing in VANET

Moreover, there are several classes based on VANET routing and we have listed out the classes in inet package using OMNeT++.

  • RoutingTableRecorder
  • Records interface table and routing table changes into event log
  • RoutingTableParser
  • Parses a routing table file into routing table

To this end, our technical experts provide the assurance that the research scholars can contact us for more information about the VANET.

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