Which Network Simulation Software is the Best to Use

First of all, this is one of best questions from what the beginner are asking frequently. Through this article our research professionals have answered to this question with all the required information about the network simulation software.

List of Network Simulation Software

We have illustrated the significant network simulation software along with its specifications in the following.

  • Qualnet
  • It is a commercial simulator used to design and analyses performance of networks and networking protocols
  • It is used to simulate behavior and performance of any type of network with different topologies
  • OMNeT++
  • It is supportive for extensions in real time simulation, network emulation, database integration and system C integration

Best Network Simulation Software

From the above mentioned network simulation software, OMNeT++ is denoted as the best simulation software to perform the simulation process in the domains such as MANET,VANET and SDN-IoT. In addition, SimuLTE package for perform LTE based simulations and Simu5g for perform 5G technology based communication in OMNeT++.

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