Artificial Intelligence Journals List

Generally, the research publication process has various expectations from several research platforms such as journal, publisher, editor, and reviewer and so on. So, we provide the research manuscript which meets all the research expectations and that leads to the successful publication. Subsequently, we discuss the notable standards of research publication what we follow to accomplish the tasks in publication.

Standards of Paper Publication

  • Clear assessment about the aim and scope of the journal
  • Select the journal through examining the journals impact factor and the SJR rank
  • Choose the journal which has short time interval for the process of reviewing and publication
  • Organize the research manuscript as per the journal’s guidelines
  • Get ready with the cover letter, graphical abstract and highlights of the research
  • Revise and resubmit the research paper within the given time
  • Acquire galley proof version and altered changes
  • Attain DOI link and paper publication in online

A research manuscript is one of the sections of academic or scholarly publication that provides exploration, clarification and squabble based on the in depth independent research. The research manuscripts are parallel to research dissertations, but they are frequently lengthier and even more detailed information are added, intended to assess not only the writing skills but also the skills in scholarly research. Writing a research manuscript requires the researcher to demonstrate a strong knowledge of the research topics, engage with a variety of sources and make an original contribution to the debate.

Latest Artificial Intelligence Journals List

In general, the research manuscript is a statement of the significant argument which establishes the purpose and position of the research process. If reader or reviewer started with a research question, the research manuscript should answer it. It should also show what evidence and reasoning you’ll use to support that answer.

The research manuscript should be succinct, contentious and coherent. In addition, the research manuscript should concisely summarize the research argument in a sentence, make a claim that requires further evidence and analysis and make a coherent point that relates to every part of the paper.

Research publication is considered as the most complex task in the entire research process. The research manuscript plays the significant role because the entire research process is demonstrated in the form of research manuscript. Consequently, the research manuscript should include the standards such as novelty, originality, innovations and etc.

Our research team has years of experience in this publication field with lots of achievements in publication. Artificial intelligence is considered as the quite different field and difficult too. The researchers can hopefully select this field for their research because our research experts are here to support the scholars from the topic selection until till the paper publication. Subsequently, take a look at the notable research ideas to publish your research work in the field of artificial intelligence journals list.

Current Research Notion in Artificial Intelligence

  • Voice based virtual assistance
  • Fire detection
  • Recommendation system
  • Chatbots
  • Big data Analysis
  • Multimedia indexing and retrieval
  • Smart supply chain and logistics
  • Robot and multi-robot systems
  • Industrial production control
  • Interoperability between cloud and fog
  • Knowledge based learning by multi-agents
  • Pneumonia detection
  • Lane line detection
  • Handwritten digit recognition

Above mentioned are the trending research areas in the field of artificial intelligence. These are few dominating areas in the field of publication at the recent days. The appropriate research analysis is required for successful research manuscript. In addition, our experts have analyzed several latest research papers in reputed journals to highlight these research fields. Therefore, we are expanding our service in academic spectrum through thesis writing, assignment writing and etc. Our research team is specialized in various research services and they are functional for the development of researcher’s research progressions.

The below mentioned attachment of artificial intelligence journals list in excel format and that includes the details about publishers and the impact factor. So, download and make use of it.

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