Artificial Neural Network Research Proposal

ANN or Artificial Neural Networks are designed based on the human neural system. It is based on mathematics and functions like the nervous system and brain of humans. Artificial neural network research proposal have been proving great breakthroughs in real-time AI applications.  

On the following page, let us discuss the ANN and its research.

Let us first start with defining ANN!!! 

Novel ANN Artificial Neural Network Research Proposal


  • Similar to brain functioning, mathematical models are used for the design of networks called ANNs.
  • ANN is designed to process nonlinear input and output data.

We have been guiding research projects in ANNs for 10+ years. So our experts have stayed with the same since its birth. The tremendous advancements in a short span have created Artificial Neural Network research proposal quite popular. In this regard, we provide you with the topics of research in Artificial Neural Networks below.


ANN is a common type of algorithm that supports any kind of application. The following is a list of major trending research projects in Artificial Neural Networks as prepared by our engineers.

  • Measurement of diffusion-based overlay detection of structural damage fault
  • Compensation of intra and inter-channel nonlinearity compensation in WDN
  • ANN-based Tensile strength modeling and optimization on a steel bar
  • In a multilevel inverter, ANN-based Reduction of common-mode voltage
  • Wind turbine based on ANN which is Simulink and fast
  • ANN-based intelligent flow transmitter
  • Medical image processing for diagnosis of any symptoms by ANN

You are free to develop your research upon any of these topics or we encourage you to come up with your own novel ANN Project Ideas. An experienced technical team, code developers, and writers with us can support you completely in your research. It is now important to understand the research applications in ANNs as given below.

Artificial Neural Network Research Ideas

The following are the major research applications of ANN

  • ANN and Fuzzy logic integration
  • ANNs with specialized hardware’s
  • Automation applications like self-driving cars, self-medical diagnosis
  • ANN-based composition of music and speech recognition
  • Transformation of written documents and robot functioning

We will provide you with all practical explanations and an artificial neural network research proposal writing on the topic that you choose.  


On a large scale, Artificial Neural Networks are classified under two major heads.

  • Feedforward networks which in turn includes
    • Single-layer perceptron
    • Multilayer perceptron
  • Feedback networks consists of
    • Kohonen’s SOM
    • Bayesian Regularized Neural network or BRANN

You need not be worried about understanding these classifications and their functioning. Now let us see the important types of ANN. 


There are different types of ANN. These areas follow.

  • A modular neural network consists of machine groups and neural networks associated
  • Radial basis function includes general regression neural network
  • Feedforward neural network includes neural networks of
    • Convolution
    • Probabilistic
    • Time delay
    • Autoencoder
  • Recurrent neural network 
    • Boltzman machine
    • Hopefield network
    • LSTM
    • Hierarchical RNN
    • Self-organizing map
    • Fully recurrent network
    • Quantization of vector
    • Pulsed Artificial Neural Networks

With advancements in networks and applications, ANN research has also seen a major boost. You will understand them when our world-class experts explain them to you in detail. Now let us see the procedure for training using Artificial Neural Networks 

What are the steps for training the neural network?

Let us understand the application of Artificial Neural Networks using an example.

AIM: The aim is to find weight setting with enhanced prediction 


  • Expected outputs
  • Data set
  • Neural net with m weights


  • Subsets are created with data
    • Training set for weight adjustment
    • The test setfor performance analysis
    • The validation setfor stopping training
  • Initially, small weights are picked
  • Errors are minimized iteratively using the training set
  • For the avoidance of overfitting, iterations are stopped on reaching a minimum value
  • The previous steps are repeated for better training
  • Optimal weights are used for the calculation of error in the testbed

We hope you have understood the importance of research in Artificial Neural Networks. We provide support in Artificial Neural Network research proposal writing. Be sure to contact us for more information. Our 24X7 customer service support is waiting to help you. You can write your queries to us or contact us. We are ready to solve all your doubts and make your research easy and enjoyable.


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