Cellular Network Research Topics

Cellular network is a wireless communication network that is also known as a mobile network. Network distribution over the land regions is called “cells”. And the basic components of the cellular system are MS (mobile station), Air interface standard, BS (base station), Gateway, and so on. 

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Latest Cellular Network Research Topics

What is a Cellular Network?

The concept of cellular is defined as the replacement of a single, high-power transmitter with many low-power transmitters. High power transmitters mean large cell and low power transmitters means small cells.  

Research Ideas in Cellular Network

  • Resource allocation
  • Channel selection / allocation
  • Buffer management
  • Relay selection based multipath routing
  • Handover/security-based handover

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Channel Allocation in Cellular Network 

Channel allocation means that allocate available channels into the cells (consists of enormous cellular users). Using allocation approaches, if someone wants to make a data transmission, then their demand (QoS) can be fulfilled. Strategies of channel allocation are efficient in to use of time slot frequencies and bandwidth. 

Types of Channel Allocation Strategies

There are three types of channel allocation strategies and they are given below take a look at its information,

  • FCA (Fixed Channel Allocation)DCA (Dynamic Channel Allocation)
  • HCA (Hybrid Channel Allocation)

In FCA, a fixed quantity of voice channels or channels is allocated to the cells. Channels that cannot be lastingly allocated to the cells are known as DCA. A combination of both DCA and FCA is referred to as HCA. 

Cellular Network Mechanisms

There are lots of cellular mechanisms available such as security mechanisms, frequency reuse, modulation mechanisms, propagation mechanisms, and so on. From that, we elaborate on the “Frequency Reuse Mechanism”. In this scheme, different types of frequencies are collected from neighboring cells and are used by a cell for providing guaranteed service quality and eliminating interference among cells.

“If the same radio frequency is used within an area, then it is referred to as frequency reuse. The areas should be with minimal interference, separated by a considerable distance and to be establishing communication”. 

Benefits of Frequency Reuse

  • Multiple conversations will use the same frequency
  • Nearby cells allow reuse of frequencies
  • Permits communications within the cell on a given frequency
  • Per cell contains 10 to 50 frequencies
  • It limits the escaping power to nearby cells

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Research Areas in Cellular Network 

Many research areas are integrated with the cellular network, they are listed below.

  • Mobile cloud
  • NFV, and also SDN
  • Wireless ad hoc networks
  • Cognitive radio networks
  • Opportunistic networks
  • Internet of things
  • Online social networks
  • Sustainable computing
  • Green networking
  • Vehicular Networks

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