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The research publication is at an intersection among the slide of new technical possibilities for society and that leads to new techniques of organizing the intricate knowledge in the field of science and technology. Consequently, there are two types of journals in a publication such as free and paid journals. Parallel to that form, open access journals is also included in the research publication process. In addition, our research professionals always prefer to publish research papers, particularly in open-access journals, Computer Science Journals List. Hereby, our research team has highlighted the importance of open-access journals in the following.

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Significance of Open Access Journals

The advantages of open access for authors are the high availability and visibility of the open access articles definite through the free and unlimited accessibility of the publication over the Internet. Everyone can spontaneously access and download the full manuscript of all the research articles published in the journals and it is denoted as the readers of open access journals. Other research scholars do not need to pay any subscription or else pay-per-view charges to read articles published in the latest  Computer Science Journals List. Open access publications are more probable to be included in search engines and indexing databases.

The research journals believe that open-access publishing promotes the exchange of research results amongst researchers from different disciplines, thus facilitating interdisciplinary research. Consequently, the journals publishing in open access provides access to research results to researchers worldwide. Although the journals publish all of their journals under the open-access model, we believe that open access is an enriching part of the scholarly communication process that can be denoted as the assistive publication system for society based on publishing and conferencing activities.

Generally, when we commit to a research manuscript then it becomes our research paper. A part of us that we will work on for endless hours, pampering and polishing until it shines from beginning to end when it’s finally time to be sent off to publication until published online. And that’s only the beginning of our research experts.

The researchers are most likely to be writing a lot of research papers while they are in research, so it is essential to master the skill of selecting the right research paper topic to proceed with the research. Unfortunately, the researchers cannot show interest in all the topics which are on the list of easy to write about. It becomes even more difficult if there is not enough research material about the topic that has been chosen. Therefore, we have enlisted the significant research areas in computer science with their specifications.

Top 10 Research Areas in Computer Science

  • Networking
    • Hybrid network topology
    • Network design optimization
  • Parallel and distributed system
    • QoS in a distributed system
    • Real-time interactive system
  • Delay tolerant networks
    • Social network content
    • Data management and analysis
  • Mobile security
    • Interoperable security communication
    • Data priority computation
  • Named data networking
    • Rendezvous
    • Data synchronization
  • Blockchain technology
    • Consensus protocol design
    • Online social network analysis
  • Cyber security
    • Malware detection
    • Anti-forensic techniques
  • Network attacks
    • Node authentication
    • Behavioral detection in network
  • Digital forensics
    • Biometric and refined forensics architecture
    • Customized smart contracts in blockchain
  • Network security
    • Network port-based access control
    • Security for all OSI layers

Notably, select a research topic in which you have a lot of experience and interest too because it is much easier to state the significant research issues in that particular area with the guidance of our research experts. We used to offer research assistance for research paper writing, conference paper writing, review paper writing, paper publication, etc. The list of computer science journals with ISSN number, SJR rank, impact factor, etc. are listed in the following excel.

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