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Contents based on research is considered as one of the essential factors that are used to determine the quality of research papers based on popular metrics such as JIF or h-index and these are considered instruments for measuring the quality of research paper which is published in latest computer scopus science indexed journals. However, the most commonly used factor is the number of citations received by the author and the reputation of both sources and citing journals.

But the desire for knowledge has a longer history than the value of scientific publications at any given time and knowing outdoes the forms of research manuscripts. Yet research statement is central to progress the inventions, which has always been special because of its true directness for the cause of knowledge. Ironically, that directness is changing into its opposite closing through patenting and economic access barriers precisely at the time when new information technology allows for speedy and unlimited access.

Importance of Publishing the Research Paper in Reputed Journal

If you publish a high-quality research paper in a low-impact journal, it may not be noticed and picked up by the upcoming researchers and they used to ignore it because they are the ones who always select citations from high-impact sources journals. As such you may not get enough citations and therefore will get a lower rank for the published research paper.

On the other hand, the papers in high-impact journals will be cited in many higher-ranked journals. It is tested and confirmed by scholars in the literature. So, I do not agree with our colleagues, who give more importance to the contents. Knowing the quality of journals in the subject areas of his or her interest, why the author of a quality manuscript would or not care about the impact factor of the journal, which is accepted as the measure of quality in the academic spectrum.

Our research team is fully equipped with the knowledge required to write a research paper based on computer science. Through the experience, we used to recognize the research issues that occurred in papers that belong to the benchmark journals. So, the research scholars can develop a research idea through that particular issue. Notably, we assist the researchers to publish the research papers in highly reputed journals by applying significant standards which meet all the expectations from journals, reviewers, editors, etc.

Top 20 Computer Science Indexed Journals List

Generally, the researchers have to search a lot for the research domain and research topics to frame their research project. To make the task easier for the researchers, here we have highlighted the substantial research areas in the field of computer science.

Trending Research Field in Computer Science

  • Cryptography
    • Cryptographic hashing
    • Public key cryptography
  • Steganography
    • Authentication by industrial networks
    • Fiber optical layer security
  • An intrusion detection system (IDS)
    • Hybrid signature and anomaly-based IDS
    • New attack detection and blockchain-based IDS
  • Internet of things (IoT)
    • Security and privacy
    • Mobile crowd sensing and web of things
  • Wireless sensor network
    • Intelligent agent deployed communication
    • Route readjustment and path prediction
  • Wireless body area network
    • Energy-aware resource allocation
    • Remote patient monitoring system
  • Vehicular ad hoc network (VANET)
    • Vehicle traffic analysis
    • Service discovery and source location privacy
  • Cellular network
    • Massive channel access
    • Video traffic scheduling in real-time
  • Underwater sensor network
    • Gateway placement
    • Inter and Intra cluster transmission
  • Optical network
    • Optics in 5 G-based networks
    • Rapid fault handling

So far, we have discussed the significance of research aspects in computer science and the keynotes about research publication. In addition, we have enlisted the notable computer science scopus indexed journals with their impact factor, SJR rank, and so on. Thus, download excels to refer to and select an appropriate journal to publish the research paper.

 Latest Computer Science Scopus Indexed Journals

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