Delay Tolerant Networks Project Ideas

For the elimination of huge delays in wireless communication, Delay tolerant networks are introduced, which is shortly known as DTN. Recently, delay tolerant networks project ideas are being taken up at a large scale for research by students and research scholars. This is because huge and prolonged interruptions in the networks are to be handled with advanced technologies for which multifaceted researches are to be encouraged.  

Top 15 Delay Tolerant Networks Project Ideas

On this page, we have given an overview of DTN and its research.

First, let us start with the working of DTN. 


DTN can work in the following way.

  • The store and the forward mechanism are run by storing and transmitting information in DTN.
  • The system forwards the data immediately. But storing and forwarding information is still at the undeveloped stage of development in DTN.

Choosing any delay tolerant networks project ideas by the above issues builds more advancement in DTN. Now let us look into the properties of DTN. 


Following are the important characteristics of DTN designs.

  • Independent connections of source and destination devices with a centralized unit.
  • Routers of the DTNs need more storage due to the need for retransmission, reduced speed, and non-availability of the next link.

So it is inevitable to develop DTN systems with the provisions for larger storage. So to make your research worthy, you need to enhance your knowledge of different aspects of DTN.  For this purpose, you can reach us. Subject experts and engineers with us are very much experienced and also you can expect the following from us.

  • All kinds of practical explanations are provided for your easy understanding.
  • We help you to write the best thesis dissertation or paper writing.
  • Provide multiple revisions of your work by experts
  • Programs with source code for execution  

Research Areas in DTN 

  • Management of information in DTN
  • Scheduling in DTN
  • Security in DTN
  • Fusion of data in DTN
  • Routing in DTN

Now, let us look into the ways in which we support your research in DTN. 


We have more research experts and developers to guide you in DTN research. We will make you aware of the different aspects of DTN that are as follows.

  • DTN protocols
  • Scenarios of applications of DTN
  • DTN testbed
  • DTN network simulation
  • The architecture of Delay Tolerant Networks
  • Algorithms used in DTN
  • Prototype in DTN
  • Case studies in DTN

We have a piece of extensive knowledge of all these aspects of DTN to do the best research work. We are here to help you understand all these aspects in greater depth. Following is a sample project in DTN that we guided.


Project Title: Min-Max Fuzzy Logic to Guarantee Reliable Data Delivery through Optimal Route in Cluster-Based DTN

The following are the contributions of the above project,

  • Improved particle swarm optimization Based K-means clustering – cluster formationMinimum-maximum Fuzzy logic –selection of the efficient forward node
  • In-networking Dual compression technique- compressing nonemergency packets
  • Knowledge-based firefly optimization algorithm- selection of efficient route 


Based on the number of nodes and size of the buffer, the project that we proposed excelled other existing DTN systems in the following ways.

  • Upward and downward latency
  • packet delivery ratio
  • Routing message overhead

Thus with the experience of delivering about 300+ projects in DTN and related fields, our engineers are one of the most sought professionals in the world. We have given below different trending PhD research topics in Delay tolerant network. You can refer them before choosing a novel DTN Research proposal for you.


  • A fresh process for Highly Anonymous Mobility-Tolerant Location-Based Onion Routing for VANETs
  • An effectual function designed for Innovative Adiabatic Error Tolerant Adder I Architectures
  • A new-fangled persistence designed for Adaptive Routing Protocol for Vehicle Delay-Tolerant Networks
  • The firsthand process of Delay-Tolerant Indoor Optical Wireless Communication Systems based on Attention-Augmented Recurrent Neural Network
  • A New process of Cluster-Based Routing Protocol In Delay Tolerant Networks intended for Consistency and Energy Efficiency
  • A competent process for Energy-Efficient and Cooperative Fault-Tolerant Communication Approach used for WBAN
  • A Novel function designed for DTN Mobility-Driven Routing in Autonomous Drone Logistics Networks
  • Effective performance for Novel Hybrid MAC Protocol for Sustainable Delay-Tolerant WSN
  • A fresh mechanism for Efficient Data Advertisement in Information-Centric Disruption Tolerant Networks
  • An efficient method intended for Comparative Analysis of Content Routing Strategies in Information-Centric Delay-Tolerant Networking (IC-DTN)
  • The novel study based on Traffic-aware Two-stage Queueing Communication Networks in Queue Analysis and Energy Saving
  • The imaginative mechanism for Improved Open-Phase Fault-Tolerant DTC Method intended for Five-Phase Induction Motor Drive Based on Virtual Vectors Assessment
  • An inventive function for Delay Tolerant Network Potential in Railway Network
  • An innovative mechanism for Secure and Anonymous Communications Over Delay Tolerant Networks
  • An innovative performance for Resource Optimization Protocol Based on Multicommunity Model aimed at Intermittently Connected Mobile Networks
  • An effective mechanism for Diverse Band-aware Dynamic Spectrum Access Network Architecture designed for Delay-Tolerant Smart City Applications
  • On the use of Hand towards on Assisted Dynamic RAN Notification Area Configuration Scheme Based on Delay Sensitivity for 5G Inactive UEs
  • An inventive process for Delay-Tolerant Data Transmission Scheme designed for Internet of Vehicles Based on SD Cloud-Fog Networks
  • The novel methodology function for Vehicular Delay Tolerant Network Routing Algorithm Based on Bayesian Network

Further details for your delay tolerant networks project ideas, you can also contact us as we have got a 24/7 customer support facility to aid your research.

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