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Research papers are one of the greatest partitions in academic writing that is extremely expected to illumine first-class ideas with excellent methodologies. Research paper writing requires some level of subject proficiency levels. A researcher is allowed to choose his or her research theme.This handout is presented as a tribute to those who are eagerly questing for journal research paper writing service.

“A research paper is the mixture of novel idea + existing research gap + methodology + outcome + newfangled contribution”

Instead of getting assigned from institutions, independently selecting themes from your favorite subjects would engage you throughout the research. Paper writing is the most important course of action according to doctorate studies.  Are you ready to learn something very interesting? If yes, start to skim this handout.

What is A Good Journal Research Paper?

An excellent research paper is commonly centralizing its major arguments on the most interesting problem statements to be solved. This is the superlative feature of a good research paper. A research paper is entangled with novel ideologies, concentrated objectives, strong motives, and too good hypothetical statements.

A well-explained research paper normally contains more than 18 pages whereas it can be fluctuated according to the proficiencies in writing skills. Someone can write a detailed passage with lesser word counts and someone can considerably write the same. This capability of a PhD student manipulates the page counts. However, length is not a matter at all because depth is very important in paper writing.

A typical research paper is a result of,

  • Data gathering and organizing
  • Massive data / information / resources accessing
  • A strong interpretation of related works

This is how a good research paper is stuffed with excellent criteria. A research paper is pillared by several primary components. In fact, without those components, we cannot even proceed with the execution. Such important components are itemized in the below arguments.

Journal Paper Writing Components

Before writing a research paper, one has to have several components in his hands such as,

  • Ever told notion
  • Master plans / blueprints
  • Well turned-out techniques

These are the primary components that everyone is required to have before start getting to write research papers. On the other hand, we need to concentrate on selecting appropriate journals for the written manuscript. In the ensuing passage, we have listed the same for your understanding.

How to Select Best Journal for Publication

  • Jot down the list of all journal databases
  • Consider their ratings and impact factors
  • Choose the journal to parallel your study’s scope
  • Check with the guidelines to be followed
  • Come up with the publication’s terms and conditions
  • Completely understand how the journal is conducting peer reviews

One can effortlessly spotlight exact publication databases by availing of our journal research paper writing service. By availing of our service, we can help you to choose the correct journal according to your research nature. Well, following your research theme explaining will be fluctuated. For example, if you are going to publish a journal about COVID-19 then you might need not explain utterly. On the other hand, if the study is about an unfamiliar area then a comprehensive explanation would be required.  Alright! Do you know how to prepare a journal specifically for journal article publication? If not, don’t squeeze your heads, we are going to educate you on that phases too.

How to Prepare a Journal Article for Publication?

  • While preparing a research paper specifically for journal publication, get to know about publications’ norms
  • First of all, one has to decide which article will be appropriate for his or her research work proposed
  • After fixing with the journal, skim the guiding principles to be shadowed down
  • Put an impressive research title and that should be properly aligned on the cover page
  • Copy edit and conduct proofreading to eliminate the signs of technical and non-technical errors

When doing paper writing, researchers are subject to interpreting the handpicked research area by the mean of critical analysis. In addition to that, presenting indications to support the major objectives which were determined during the research initiation would make a sound impact.

Generally, research paper writing is highly known as the difficult one to undertake. As it is subject to be published in international journals, the majority of the students are daunting to perform paper writing tasks. For this reason, the majority is approaching our technical experts through journal research paper writing service. Whilst, our technical experts have epitomized you the top 10 tips for journal paper writing.

Reputed Journal Research Paper Writing Support

Top 10 Tips for Journal Paper Writing

  • Encapsulate the whole thing within the crisp abstract
  • Put pen to paper the whole thing by assuming readers are unfamiliar with your study
  • Bring the reputation of the proposed research work in the introductory portion itself
  • Try to skip situating extensive content and instead position the analogs layouts
  • Insulate general and specific contextualization to the whole kit and caboodle
  • Represent the obtained outcomes in a tabular or graphical replicas
  • Deliberately talk over the study’s pitfalls and its exciting research gaps
  • Schedule your time and prior sections according to their weigh
  • Concentrate on the major implications to be made in the chosen field
  • Evaluate the research work and get reviews from 3rd parties

Itemized above are the 10 major tips by which PhD students can improvise their journal paper writing.  We felt that this would be the right time to discuss the structure of paper writing. Shall we get into the next section? Come on, dear bigots.

How Do I Write A Journal Research Paper?

One can write his or her journal research paper by opting for universal formats/structures. Relating to the university and the publication requirements, it can get changed. By structuring your research paper, you are helping the reader to understand what was intended by you.

When structuring research papers, several components have been positioned such as,

  • Research Title
  • Abstract
  • Introductory Portion
  • Review of Literature
  • Research Methodologies
  • Obtained Outcomes
  • Impelling Discussions
  • Research Boundaries or Pitfalls
  • Citations and Bibliography
  • List of Tables and Figures

Come let us have the component-wise explanations.

Research Title

The title is the group of more than 20 vocabularies that is scientific. It is a significant element in a research paper that can convey the research motives. When situating the title to your paper, you need to ensure some features such as clarity, preciseness, crispness, and thought-provoking lexicons. If it is failed in the title then there big question mark will arise regarding readers’ engagement throughout the paper.


An abstract is the prompt paraphrasing of undertaken research because it is contained the details of problem statements, research methodologies, contributions, and many more. It is crisply giving the picture to every upcoming section.  Preserving a word count of not more than 300 words would be optimum here. Don’t inscribe the unfamiliar terminologies and be on point.

Introductory Portion

This component is proposed to introduce the proposed study because the reader communities may not be familiar with the work which is presented. Hence, explaining the study’s broadest background would impact a lot of readers.  When talking over the research theme, highlight how you are going to narrow down the scope of this current study by giving general context. Before, jumping into the next discussion list down the issues going to be investigated and by which techniques it is going to be resolved.

Major Objectives

Objectives are illuminated by the questions proposed. Research questions are usually treated as the motives behind the undertaken research. Strong research objectives are paving the way to reach the determined and unexpected contributions.

Review of Literature

The literature review is denoting the recent trends and undertakings done in different domains. This activity is purposefully undertaken to discover the prevailing research gaps. In fact, in keeping with the nature of the research undertaking, one has to choose the right journals for exploring credible information.

Research Methodologies

In this section, a researcher is usually transcribing the list of all used techniques, algorithms, software, implementation tools for PhD Research, versions, resources, approaches, methods, quantitative/qualitative tests, and scientific equations. Systematically telling everything would help the readers to replicate the same research work.

Obtained Outcomes

Through clear experimentations, we can obtain predetermined results. This component is used to talk over and voice out on major findings. While presenting this section, you can go for graphical representations. In short, it must support the stated hypothetical theories.

Impelling Discussions

Discussions are the extensive portion allocated just to justify the obtained results.

Research Boundaries or Pitfalls

Every research does have some sorts of pitfalls and boundaries. Frankly revealing the same would increase your research’s credibility.

Citations and Bibliography

Citations and bibliographies are used to denote the references and resources accessed for specific research. In case, if a researcher is supposed to skip some details about used data then there will be a chance to face plagiarism issues because it is actually in the possession of other authors.

List of Tables and Figures

After situating the references list (citations and bibliography), telling the details about inserted tables and figures will help the readers a lot.

Every stated component or chunk are having its intention. Just think of it.  These are the various components heading their significant presence in every kind of research paper. Towards the end, we have itemized the list of all research areas for journal research paper writing.

Latest Research Areas for Journal Research Paper Writing

  • Interconnected Internet of Vehicles (IoV)
  • Metallic Stabilizer Engineering
  • Systems & Theoretical engineering
  • Power Systems and Ideal Smart Infrastructure Operations
  • Energy Harvesting Technologies
  • Internet of Things (IoT) and Deep Learning
  • Internet of Space (IoS) Structural Designs & Procedures
  • Smart Transportation & Vehicular Organisms
  • Industrial Applications
  • Wireless Communication Networks
  • Blockchain oriented Security Techniques
  • Data Processing and Supercomputer Administrating
  • Artificial Intelligence-based Techniques and Devices
  • 6th Generation Technologies and Graphical User Interfaces
  • Next-Generation Communication Technologies
  • Digital and Electrical Circuits
  • Troposphere oriented Electrical Devices
  • 4th and 5th Generation Technologies and its Advancements

Just go through these ideas to beat others as these are widely handpicked by your peer groups. As of now, we had gone through various conceptions related to journal paper writing. If you still have any squabbles in any of the discussed areas then feel free to knock on our doorsteps. Our doors are always kept open just to serve you utilizing researching, developing, journal research paper writing service.

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