List of SCI Journals in Computer Science and Engineering

Journals provide a wide-ranging collection of research manuscripts that are used to comprehend the evolvement of knowledge in a research field and deployed to the development of research ideas for supplementary research. Consequently, research journals are considered as the communicative bridge among the research scholars and form the source of development for further innovative ideas and pathways for evolving ideas in the field of computer science. Moreover, getting published in reputable journals increases the visibility and credibility of the research scholars and that promotes career prospects. Reach out this space for complete List of SCI Journals in Computer Science and Engineering.

Key Notes about Research Manuscript

Research manuscripts submitted to research journals are valued through an editorial board that includes several editors and reviewers and other experts before they are accepted for publication. This valuation is denoted as the peer-review process and it is designed to ensure that the research manuscripts published are based on solid research which meets the specific standards in the field of study covered by the journal. The research professionals occasionally use the term refereed to define peer-reviewed journals.

Published journal manuscripts typically have to go through a demanding screening process known as well-known blind peer review, whereby autonomous experts provide the author with critical comments and recommendations to develop their final research paper, which is before publication. Most print journals are now widely accessible over the internet and are relatively easy for others to access. Research manuscripts published in peer-reviewed journals are to be expected to remain the most significant means of distributing research findings for the predictable future.

Latest List of SCI Journals in Computer Science and Engineering

It’s time to take a look at the importance of research in computer science and engineering. Initially, we have highlighted the research views based on the topical research domain in computer science.

Innovative Research Notions in Computer Science

  • Cognitive radio network (CRN)
    • Dynamic spectrum access
    • Secondary users routing
  • Mobile adhoc Network (MANET)
    • Interoperability to D2D cloud and 5G
    • QoS-aware routing and clustering
  • Hadoop
    • Data validation and warehousing
    • Apache spark development
  • Big data
    • Database technologies
    • Trust management and threat detection
  • Data mining
    • Frequent pattern mining
    • Big sensor data management
  • Natural language processing
    • Lexical semantic and syntactic analysis
    • Dialog and interactive system
  • Video processing
    • Video retrieval and indexing
    • Car moving for pedestrian tracking
  • Software engineering
    • Service-oriented software development
    • Agile method analysis and fact extraction
  • Digital image processing
    • Content-based image and video retrieval
    • High-quality and real-time visualization
  • Medical image processing
    • Lossless image coding for HD images
    • GITract WCE localization and 3D image reconstruction

Notably, computer science and engineering are denoted as the vast research field and it is not an easy task for the researchers to select a research topic from this field of computer science and engineering. While selecting a research topic the researchers have to be careful because they are selecting the outdated research topic for contemporary research.

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Below, we have attached the excel that consists of the list of SCI journals in computer science and engineering with ISSN number, eISSN number, journal impact factor, and name of the publisher. Download the following attachment to know about the highly reputed journals in computer science and engineering.

Latest List of SCI Journals in Computer Science and Engineering

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