List of Scopus Indexed Journals in Electronics and Communication Engineering

Peer reviewed research publications are considered as the leading methodology in today’s advancement for the process of distributing and to record the systematic developments in science and technology through various types of articles such as research magazines, conference presentations, research papers, review papers and etc. Science grows and advances through a communal collection of knowledge which is constantly being challenged, revised and expanded. Our research experts are providing assistance to publish topical research papers in the highly reputed and peer reviewed research publishing journals. Contact us for latest List of Scopus Indexed Journals in Electronics and Communication Engineering

Most of the researchers in science and technology have a strong desire to contribute the technical advancement of their field and that is often their primary reason for becoming a PhD holder. Publication is usually the most straightforward way to make such a contribution, and it is thus highly motivating and satisfying to most research professionals and experts.

The research manuscripts are subject to peer review and that are expected to meet significant standards in journals. The researchers have to ensure the ethical standards in research to ensure the high quality publications, trust in the research outcomes and the ideas which are applicable in real time. Our research professionals have the foremost aim to provide the research manuscripts as per the publication standards. For your ease, we have listed out the substantial latest List of Scopus Indexed Journals in Electronics and Communication Engineering.

Journals in Electronics and Communication Engineering

  • Superconductor science and technology
  • IEEE transactions based on ultrasonic, ferroelectrics and frequency control
  • IEEE transaction and nanotechnology
  • IEEE transaction on information and systems
  • International journal of Nano science
  • Sensors and actuators: A physical
  • Optics and lasers in engineering

On the way, there are great consequences to enhance the field of research in the academic spectrum. As well as, ensuring the in depth knowledge over a research topic, scientific and historical research papers also contribute to the world of knowledge. These journals and research papers become the helping hands for the students in guiding their future and helping them in research. Students need to understand the role of scientific research in society and the significance of scientific research in academics as it will eventually reward them in return.

Now, let us take a look into the significance about electronics and communication engineering and it is beneficial for the research scholars who want to pave their research way in to the electronics and communication engineering. The journals based on electronics and communication engineering is used to publish the high quality research papers and the articles which contribute novel experiments and theoretical work through its real time applications.

Download Latest List of Scopus Indexed Journals in Electronics and Communication Engineering

Electronics and communication is the notable research field for research scholars through their inventions in real time. Our research experts are providing several research notions for the scholars through carrying out the research papers in reputed journals. Few research applications in electronic and communication are listed out in the following,

Research Applications in Electronics and Communication

  • Power transmission and engineering
  • Systems and control engineering
  • Semiconductors
  • Devices and systems
  • Optics and optoelectronics
  • Nano technology and science
  • Testing and measuring
  • Electromagnetic and microwave
  • Communication and information processing
  • Devices and circuits
  • Instrumentation and conditional monitoring
  • Artificial immune system
  • Fuzzy and hybrid optimization
  • Drives, controllers and machine design
  • Energy saving and hybrid renewable energy

Generally, Scopus indexed journals are considered as the highly reputed journals in the contemporary period. Scopus is the abstract of Elsevier and citation database, it is considered as the open source and it includes the preference between free and paid journals. In addition, the research scholars may have the aim to publish their research paper in the Scopus indexed journals. Notably, the journals in Scopus include several research notions which are considered as the trending research fields which are highlighted overhead.

To this end, we have enrolled the list of Scopus indexed journals in electronics and communication engineering in the following excel. So, download the attachment to be aware of the journals along with several features such as ISSN number, SJR rank and the details about the publishers.

Latest List of Scopus Indexed Journals in Electronics and Communication Engineering

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