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Writing is the most important means for communicating the inventive research work to others. There are several reasons for writing, the most compelling reason for many professionals to start writing and that is to fulfill the requirements in particular job that include elevation in an academic position, professional accreditation in the form of improving prospect of success in research grant application. Publications can also be observed as an asset that enables authors to gain recognition and acknowledgement as experts in a particular field. Publication in peer reviewed Electronics and Communication Engineering Journals List also gives the worldwide recognition for the research scholars. In some cases, a topic of major global importance is included in a publication that may also get a greater recognition for the researchers.

Here, electronic and communication engineering has various sub fields such as satellite communication, networking communication and more. There are several innovative research topics in electronics and communication engineering. Topics that are given in the list belong to innovative minds in electronics and communication engineering.
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Try to search the topic for your research paper by taking these topics as standard. Our research experts in this field have highlighted some trending research ideas in the following,

Research Notions in Electronics and Communication

  • Observation of cassegrain for satellite communication
  • Wireless networks performance analysis using artificial intelligence
  • Evolutionary computation and machine learning techniques
  • Power and memory optimization techniques for embedded systems
  • Modulation classification for MIMO OFDM signals
  • Noise cancellation in speech signals with the aid of hybrid optimization algorithms
  • Recognition of hyper nasality from speech signal
  • Speech signal based on discrete wavelet transforms
  • Signal strength threshold optimization

Subsequently, the research scholars have to submit the completed research paper to the journal. Research manuscript submission plays the significant role in the process of publication. The research scholars have to check whether the manuscript meets all the expectations of journal, editor and reviewer. Reach out this blog for complete Electronics and Communication Engineering Journals List.

Notably, submitting the research paper through somebody other than one of the authors in the research process will not be accepted. The author who is submitting research manuscript takes responsibility for the paper during submission and peer review process.

Points to Remember While Submitting Research Manuscript

  • Manuscripts have to be submitted in the journal will be considered for publication elsewhere
  • Submit the research papers in the form of significant format as per the journals guidelines
  • If you have used the latex software for manuscript preparation, then send your paper in format of PDF
  • Submitting the research paper in multiple journals is an offense
  • So, be aware of all the instructions given by the journal
  • Once the paper is accepted, it can’t be withdrawn at any cost
  • Researchers have to follow the publication ethics and regulation
  • Avoid plagiarism and imitative content
  • Follow the journals paper template to arrange the research manuscript

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Download the excel which is stated below to know about the electronics and communication engineering journals list. Through this attachment, the researchers can save their time by searching the journals based on this field. It includes the impact factor of journals.

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