Networking Thesis 

Networking enables devices to connect and communicate with each other for data transmission. When devices are interconnected without wires is known as wireless. Radio waves usually establish connections in wireless networking. Research in networking requires sound knowledge about it and hence network thesis writing is our recent job for assisting research scholars. Here we provide an idea of everything that you need to know for doing good research.

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“Wireless networking advantages like efficient and fast, compression of huge information, digital modulation, employs multiplexing and comprises adaptive modulation”. 

How is networking done? 

Routers / Wireless Access Points / Switches are the core elements for networking. These components establish communication among network devices like mobile phones, computers, IoT gadgets, and peripherals. First, we recommend that you understand the importance of networking from its research point of view. It can provide you with greater enthusiasm to proceed with your research networking thesis.


You can refer to the core research areas in networking thesis and related fields below.

  • Ad Hoc Networks
  • Wireless Network Functions Virtualization
  • Big Data Enabled Self-Organized Networking
  • Mobile Social Networks
  • Software-Defined Wireless or Mobile Network
  • Sensor Networks
  • Cognitive Radio Network
  • Integrated Optical And Wireless Networks
  • Hybrid Networks

Recent advancements have brought many networking software and hardware-related researches also into the light. Advanced scientific and mathematical tools are employed every now and then to develop wireless networks and solve their problems. From our massive source of reliable data gained through years of expertise in research guidance, we have listed below few  networking research topics in related domains


  • QoS aware SDN architecture
  • Control plane and flow rule optimization
  • Security provisioning in SDN
  • Intrusion detection system for SDN
  • Network slicing and handoff management 


  • Spectrum sharing and resource allocation
  • Cooperative spectrum sensing and management
  • Security in CRN (Attack detection and Prevention)
  • Spectrum mobility and handoff management
  • Cross-layer design, multi-hop transmission, and routing 


  • QoS and energy efficiency provisioning
  • Localization in 3D WSN
  • Security and privacy of sensor network
  • Cross-layer design and multimedia transmission
  • Application of WSN (Underwater, Terrestrial, Multimedia, Environmental Monitoring, and IoT)

Creating a good network design (Structure of the network and how the data transmission is involved) is the major question for research scholars who working on networking thesis. Our well-trained and experienced team of engineers readily brings you the required solution. Here we have come up with one such solution of using mathematical analysis to solve network problems.

Mathematical Analysis in PhD Research 

Mathematical analysis is employed in the plan, design, decision making, control, and coordination required for complex networks. Great results are obtained by using mathematical analysis in networking. Advanced mathematical techniques can solve existing network problems. Some focus areas for performing a mathematical analysis in networking include,

  • Numerical Analysis
  • Probability Computation
  • Dynamical Systems Analysis
  • Stability Analysis
  • Complexity (Time, and Space) Analysis

A proper mathematical analysis can definitely bring a solution to all network difficulties. In the following section, you can find an overview prepared by renowned scholars of our technical team, explaining the usage of mathematical analysis in networking


Using mathematical analysis in networking showed excellent results in data transmission and management of network layout. Its performance is recognized based on the following parameters.

  • Sampling Period
  • Energy consumption
  • Delay (Propagation and Transmission)
  • Dropped Packets
  • Structure of Networks
  • Function of Networks

Recent developments bring advanced technologies into wireless networking processes. Get in touch with us to know the recent developments in networking or any research topic of yours. We can give total professional guidance for your research. Let’s talk now for your complete guidance in networking thesis. Good research necessitates excellence in the following. 

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