PhD in Electrical Engineering Topics

In general, electrical engineering is denoted as the engineering discipline that is concentrated on the design, application, and study of systems, devices, and equipment that are functional through electromagnetism, electronics, and electricity. In this article, we deliberate the significance of a PhD in electrical engineering topics using the experience of our research professionals. Firstly, we start with the substantial research field based on electrical engineering along with its specifications.

Research Areas in Electrical Engineering

  • Sensors, circuits, and systems
    • IC design
    • RFID systems
    • Medical electronics
    • Antennas and EM modeling
    • Radar and sonar
  • Photonics
    • Uncooled and coherent wavelength division multiplex technology
    • Advanced liquid crystal devices
    • Photonic generation of THz signals
    • Wireless over fiber devices and systems
    • Ultrafast photonic devices
    • Connected electronic and photonic systems
  • Electronic materials and devices
    • Resistive switching
    • Laser processing
    • Diamond electronics
    • Quantum nanoelectronics
    • Optical materials and electronic devices
  • Communication and information systems
    • Information security and retrieval
    • Sensor networks
    • IP networks
    • Wireless communications
    • Telecommunication networks and services
  • Optical networks
    • High-speeded optical systems
    • Optical packet networks
    • Dense WDM optically routed networks
    • Large-scale optical networks
    • Optoelectronic devices and systems

Our research experts are skillful to provide the best research project in electrical engineering systems. Since, they are well-versed in mathematical logic, numerical analysis, time and space analysis, information about latest phd in electrical engineering topics, the tools, and the usage of algorithms and protocols. For instance, if you have selected your area as electrical engineering, at that time you can select your research topic from the following research fields in electrical engineering.

Recent PhD in Electrical Engineering Topics

Research Fields in Electrical Engineering

  • Electrical materials science
  • Mechatronics
  • Renewable energies
  • Electrochemistry
  • Nanotechnology
  • Microwave engineering
  • Electromagnetics and waves
  • Power Electronics
  • Spanning a huge number of specializations
  • Hardware engineering
  • Instrumentation and electronics
  • Signal processing
  • Radio frequency engineering
  • Telecommunication engineering
  • Power engineering
  • Computer engineering

Above mentioned are the notable research fields in contemporary research based on electrical engineering. The research scholars should select their PhD in electrical engineering topics from the latest research fields. For more research references based on electrical engineering, the research scholars can reach us. Below, we have highlighted the algorithms that are used to implement the research project.

Algorithms in Electrical Engineering

  • Bayesian learning
  • Reinforcement learning
  • Combining multiple learners
  • Hidden Markov models
  • Neural networks
  • Clustering
  • Dimensionality reduction
  • Bayesian decision theory

These are the emerging subjects in electrical engineering that are gaining widespread significance in the research platform. We must aware of the current trends and developments in the research area before presenting the research phd in electrical engineering topics. There are also some expectations from reviewers that you must be sure to satisfy. We have discussed the substantial algorithms that are used in electrical engineering research projects.

Current Trends in Electrical Engineering

  • Control system
    • Battery charging and discharging control of a hybrid energy system using a microcontroller
    • TMTDYN: A Matlab package for modeling and control of hybrid rigid continuum robots based on discretized lumped system and reduced order models
    • Establishment of a smart living environment control system
  • Renewable energy
    • Renewable energy in sustainable electricity and economic development
    • Energy models for renewable energy utilization and to replace fossil fuels
  • Power management
    • A new framework for the advancement of power management strategies in hybrid electric vehicles
    • Robust power management via learning and game design
    • Particle swarm optimization for microgrid power management and load scheduling
  • High voltage
    • High voltage driver with a switch capacitor cell and a current sensing resistor for implementing functions of zero voltage switching and overcurrent
    • A modified Y Source DC/DC converter with high voltage gains and low switch stresses
    • High voltage gain interleaved boost converter with Anfis-based Mppt controller for fuel cell-based applications
    • An improved SCADA framework for integrated renewable substations-based microgrid central control systems
    • Linear LAV-based state estimation integrating hybrid SCADA /PMU measurements
    • Towards highly efficient state estimation with SCADA measurements in distribution systems
  • Power system
    • Decentralized constrained optimal control of the multi-machine power system stability improvement
    • The reduction and power quality improvement in grid-connected PV system
    • Effect of intermittent power supply on the German power system
  • Programmable logic controller (PLC)
    • Effect of intermittent power supply on the German power system
    • Design and implementation of an automated residential water heating system using sustainable energy and PLC techniques
    • Corporate eco-efficiency and financial performance: evidence from Guinness Nigeria PLC
  • Fuzzy logic controller
    • A novel hybrid fuzzy logic controller-based RFLC for fault limiting in transmission networks and its dynamic analysis
    • Modified voltage control strategy for DC network with distributed energy storage using a fuzzy logic controller
    • A solar-powered reconfigurable inverter topology for AC/DC homes with fuzzy logic controller
    • Inverse kinematic analysis of 4 DOF pick and place arm robot manipulators using a fuzzy logic controller
  • Proportional integral derivative (PID)
    • In DFIG-based WECS connected to the grid using UPQC controlled by fractional order PID and Anfis controllers
    • Design of optimal PID controller for LFC and AVR in power system using PSO
    • Simulation 3 DOF RRR robotic manipulator under PID controller
    • Voltage controller of DC-DC buck-boost converter with proposed PID controller
    • Design, analysis, and application of a new disturbance rejection PID for uncertain systems
  • Smart grid
    • Forecasting methodologies of solar resources and PV power for smart grid energy management
    • The cooperative internet of things enabled smart grid
    • Optimal and autonomous incentive-based energy consumption scheduling algorithm for smart grid
    • Can active learning benefit the smart grid a perspective on overcoming the data scarcity
    • Smart grid in the context of industry 4.0 an overview of communications technologies and challenges
    • A survey on smart grid technologies and applications
  • Microgrid
    • Control and analysis of microgrid frequency droop with fuzzy-based WECS with EV
    • Formal requirements for microgrid using Kaos and reference architecture
    • Implementation of efficient energy generation of microgrid from solar power plant

We have added the above-mentioned as research trends to show and uplift your research skill level. To tell the truth, PhD in electrical engineering topics are an innovative trend set in recent days. There are lots of research topics that are coming up from the recently used applications and research techniques in the electrical engineering field. So, contact us for your requirements in research development. For your reference, our research experts have listed down the pioneering research topics in electrical engineering.

Research PhD in Electrical Engineering Topics

  • Photonics and optical communications
  • Sensing devices
  • Microelectronics and nanoscale engineering
  • Electronic engineering for agricultural applications
  • Communication, digital signal processing, and radio networks
  • Advanced material science and technology development
  • Resilient energy and multi-energy systems
  • Robotics systems, artificial intelligence, and automation
  • Low-costts virtual systems and effective trains
  • Top speed motors and their topologies
  • High power virtual systems (HPVPS)
  • Diagnosing green growth in India
  • Motor design for aerospace fault tolerant
  • Designing compressor motors and advanced propulsion science
  • Renewable energy and hybrid electric aerospace
  • Drives and controls
  • DFIG Machines: improving energy efficiencies
  • Wind turbine generators: 3D temperature mapping
  • Cost functions for efficient electric vehicle drive systems
  • Electric vehicles and health monitoring of power semiconductor modules
  • Switched reluctance motors
  • Extra functionality devices: advanced technology modeling
  • Challenges of autonomous power systems
  • Distributed generation systems: loss detection of grid events via pattern identification
  • Electric vehicle motors and gearbox
  • Soft magnetic composites
  • Smart grid monitoring
  • Computer-aided design for electrical engineering
  • Energy networks and their mathematical foundations
  • Electrical motors and their redesigning
  • Power electronics tools and equipment
  • Computation research in new technologies and materials
  • Studying behavior thru computational modeling
  • Piezoelectric and ferroelectrics
  • Using photovoltaic, graphene, and silicon carbide
  • Atomic layer interface engineering
  • Design choice in the direct drive of wheel motors
  • Series connected supercapacitor and li-ion capacitor cells for the active voltage equalization
  • PM machines with high power and speed

Along with that, our research professionals have enlisted the notable research phd in electrical engineering topics its implementation process in the following.

Project Topics in Electrical Engineering

  • Protection of load and charge in solar power management
    • Solar panel is deployed to charge the battery and the operational amplifiers are utilized to monitor the voltage along with the LED to monitor the condition of the battery
  • Home automation system using Arduino microcontroller
    • It is the integrated control of lighting appliances and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC). In addition, Arduino is deployed to regulate home appliances through remote
  • Closed loop control of brushless DC motor
    • It is used to implement the circuits with the mechanical loads in the average speed
  • Minimizing penalty by engaging APFC unit for industries
    • It is deployed to enhance the power factor through the set of capacitors that are connected parallel to switch the capacitors and that is functional as per the value of power factor
  • Automatic room light controller using IR sensors
    • It is used to switch the room light when a person gets in and switch it off when he leaves the room. Consequently, it displays on the LCD about the person’s entry

The research scholars will be overwhelmed to know that still there are lots and many more phd in electrical engineering topics being developed now and then depending on the real-time requirements. In addition, we have enlisted the list of simulation tools used in the research implementation.

Simulation Tools in Electrical Engineering

  • LabVIEW
    • The laboratory virtual instrument engineering workbench is abbreviated as LabVIEW and it is the engineering software system. It is deployed to access the data insights and hardware
    • Personal simulation program with integrated circuit emphasis is abbreviated as PSPICE. It is used for the simulation and authentication process of the mixed signal and analog circuits
  • Matlab Simulink
    • It is deployed to implement the graphical simulation along with the specific toolboxes for the electric transients, transmission line, and switches for power supply, simulating and analyzing the renewable energy sources
    • It includes two sample models such as
      • Solar advisor model in Simulink
      • Wind turbine model in Simulink
  • Matlab
    • Its toolboxes offer various functions such as curve fitting, system identification, control system design, linear algebra, linear system implementation, optimization, etc.

The following is about the questions along with their appropriate answers and these are the questions that are frequently asked by research scholars to develop their research skills in electrical engineering. In addition, our research experts have answered these questions through their years of experience in this field.

Questions based on Electrical Engineering Research

What are the different types of power electronics?

  • AC to AC converters
  • DC to AC converters
  • DC to DC converters
  • AC to DC converters

Which project is best for electrical engineering?

  • PLC and SCADA-based traffic control system
  • Photovoltaic solar power generation with maximum power point tracking
  • Zigbee based solar powered forest fire detection and control system
  • GSM-based substation monitoring and control system
  • Android-based electrical appliance control

What are the current research topics in renewable energy?

  • Think tank platform for the renewable energy industry
  • Membrane-enhanced reforming technology
  • Bio-oil production from biomass pyrolysis technology
  • Lignocellulose hydrolysis technology
  • Design and construction of biodiesel production plant

Our research professionals are providing the finest research assistance for research students based on electrical and electronics engineering and electrical and communication engineering. While guiding the PhD scholars, we used to follow and provide the following processes.

  • Preparation of research topic and proposal
  • Paper preparation and publication support
  • Annexure I
  • Annexure II
  • Demonstration for the proposed research
  • Provision of synopsis
  • Thesis will be written along with the support of research scholars

The research projects based on electrical engineering are rendering online guidance to make research projects, pile up the assignments, implementation process, homework help, paper publication, thesis writing, phd in electrical engineering topics and much more. We have well-experienced subject-specific experts, developers, and so on who are contented to help the research scholars at all times. You can connect with us to aid more and our 24/7 customer care support is ready to offer assistance always. So, ping us to acquire the finest knowledge.

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