PhD Topics in Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is denoted as the energy which is generated through natural processes and they are continuously replaced. For instance, sunlight and wind keep shining and blowing, and the availability of this process is based on the time and weather. In this page, let’s have a look at some of the significant research phd topics in renewable energy and it is for the quick reference of research scholars.

Introduction to Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is a rapidly growing system that is developing in various countries. The foremost development of this renewable energy process is self-usage purposes. In addition, it is familiar through its unique merits and usage in real-time. The renewable energy system is referred to as green energies and clean energies with zero impact I the environment.

Resources such as natural gas, oil, and coal are renewable energy sources with the production of renewable sources. The outlet of energy from solar rays, water cycles, and the wind is considered theoretically unlimited with the human scale time.

The impact of the low environment is compared with fossil fuels and that is progressively becoming the substantial component leading to significant development. Renewable energy is denoted as a novel technology along with the harnessing power nature which is deployed in the processes such as lighting, transportation, heating, etc. For instance, the power of wind is used to sail the boats in the sea and the windmills to grind grains.

Top 10 Renewable Energy Sources

  • Nuclear energy
  • Solar
  • Compressed
  • Hydroelectricity
  • Radiant
  • Geothermal energy
  • Wind energy
  • Tidal
  • Biogas
  • Biomass

How does it work?

In recent days, research specialists are originating various options through the utilization of geothermal, wind energy, biomass, solar, and various types of energy suppliers. The energy harvest includes several resources and articles for in-depth analysis to design phd topics in renewable energy. In addition, our research professionals have enlisted a notable list of research ideas based on this process.

In the following, we have enlisted the significant research notions based on renewable energy as per the apt research field.

Latest Research PhD Topics in Renewable Energy

Smart Ideas in Renewable Energy

  • Energy Management
    • Digital controlled voltage source
    • Energy forecast and hydropower
    • Smart distributed generations
    • Electric load control
    • Transformer fault prediction
    • Hybrid storage system
    • Renewable energy storage
    • Islanding detection
  • Energy Harvest
    • Resonance shielding
    • Solar-based power transfer
    • Beam scanning and power control strategy
    • Hybrid inductive and capacitive system
    • Far-distanced power transfer
    • Wireless smart device charging
    • Multi-loaded system
    • Near field tag communication
    • Magnetic power tuning
  • Speed Control
    • Dynamic motion of the robot
    • Wind farms
    • Grid connect wind turbine
    • Microturbinene
    • Wind power system
    • Switched reluctance machine
    • Underwater propulsion
    • Moving road and air vehicle
    • Car wiper

The above-mentioned research ideas are organized as their research area and it is beneficial for the research scholars to go through it. Additionally, we have enlisted the elements that are used in the implementation of renewable energy.

Components of Renewable Energy

  • Hybrid AC or DC power grids
  • Switching motors
  • Harmonic stability in the energy system
  • High voltage DC transmission
  • Sensor-based power metering
  • Advanced DC microgrid
  • Mobile power transfer system
  • Eco-friendly renewable energy system
  • Cyber security of energy system

Our research experts have explained the margining functions of renewable energy in research through the above-mentioned research elements. In addition to that, we have enlisted some research applications in renewable energy to improve the skill sets in recent areas such as.

Applications in Renewable Energy

  • Mathematical modeling
    • Biomedicalal application
  • Energy harvesting
    • Improved current feedback based maximum power point tracking controller
  • Wireless mesh network
    • Performance analysis of DWT at different levels
  • High-speeded communication system
    • Power output prediction
  • Unidirectional co-axial series rotors wind turbine
    • Concatenation of RS and QC-LDPC codes
  • PCG signals
    • Handling internet traffic
  • Solar
    • Enhance the output voltage of a charge pump circuit
  • Design of low-voltage OTA
    • Wind power generation of reliability identification

Research Challenges in Renewable Energy

  • Combustion-related environmental issues
  • Reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emission
  • Photovoltaic solar energy
  • Waste recycling
  • Availability, distribution, generation, and use of energy
  • Energy consumption
  • Modeling reliability issues
  • Supply adequacy issues
  • Microgrid issues
  • Frequency Control issues
  • Sizing lead acid batteries in technical issues
  • Power quality issues

To overcome the above-mentioned research challenges, the research scholar requires reliable guidance in their research career. Consequently, our technical experts are providing full support in the process of selecting PhD topics in renewable energy. As evidence of our wholesome support, we have enlisted the research solutions for the renewable energy research issues in the following.

Solutions for the Research Issues in Renewable Energy

  • Biomass energy
  • Geothermal energy
  • Wind energy
  • Hydropower
  • Solar energy

For your quick reference, our research professionals have enlisted the types of renewable energy along with its significant process in the following.

Types of Renewable Energy

  • Garbage
    • The biomass is converted to gas which includes the capability to provide internal combustion engines, steam generating, and power gas-driven turbines. The various sectors of the American economy include education, hospitality, entertainment, healthcare, and electric power from biomass energy. It is created through accessible organic materials including manure, garbage, and some other waste
  • Water
    • The hydroelectric power is deployed as the natural force for the flowing water and that turns the turbine that is attached to the generator. The creation of hydroelectric power such as solar and wind
  • Sun
    • e photovoltaic and solar thermal power along with the farms that are capable to create electrical power on large scale. Solar development is a fact and that is limited through the novel technologies and capabilities
  • Wind
    • Wind is capable of power generation on a massive scale which is denoted as the renewable advocates in a wide range of benefits. In addition, the wind generator power is mitigated through the cost of fuel adds

Process of Renewable Energy

The processes of renewable energy include the process such as to caption existing energy such as the flow of energy through the elements cut intended for instance links like water and windmills, geothermal heating, solar power, floating water, and wind sunshine. In addition, solar thermals, water mills, geothermal heating, and windmill are used in this process. The environmental footprints and the fossil fuels are not that much lighter while it is compared with the alternative energy resources pack.

Research Areas in Renewable Energy

  • Solar generation analysis and prediction
  • Integrating energy storage with solar, including the microgrid functionality
  • PV power electronics
  • Cyber security for PV systems integration
  • Advanced protection grids with high penetrations of PV
  • PV situational awareness and control or coordination strategies from disturbances
  • Power system planning and operation with high penetrations of PV

The above-mentioned are the topical research ideas in renewable energy which are used for the scholars to drop an idea to start the research.

10+ Interesting Research PhD Topics in Renewable Energy

  • Modeling, optimizing, and financial analysis of hybrid renewable energy systems coupled with energy storage
  • Optimization model of a multi-energy system based on multi-source energy storage
  • Advanced grid integration test platform for increased distributed renewable energy penetration in smart grids
  • Distributed control strategy of renewable energy clusters considering the uncertainty of output
  • Analysis of the influence of large-scale integration of centralized energy storage into the power grid on voltage security and stability of the power system
  • Restrictions and driving forces for renewable energy product development and electrical energy demand in general and during COVID 19
  • Multiple input fuzzy controlled DC-DC Converter for harvesting renewable energy
  • Dynamic security and stability region under different renewable energy permeability in the IENGS system
  • Redox flow battery-based transmission system for increasing renewable energy utilization and electric vehicle adoption
  • Status perception method of the renewable energy and thermal power coupled system based on operation security region

Research Trends in Renewable Energy

In general, two topical trends are interrelated with the consumption of fossil resources and the changes in global climate. Renewable energy is considered the fastest emerging with several issues and the level of developments with the life quality and the energy consumption is considered as the significant indicators.

In the following, our research professionals have listed out the elements that are essential to implement the research project in renewable energy such as datasets, simulation modules, simulation tools, research protocols, algorithms, etc. which are used to implement, analyze and develop the research projects in renewable energy.

Algorithms in Renewable Energy

  • Elimination et choix traduisant la realite (ELECTRE)
  • Visekriterijumska Optimizacija I Kompromisno Resenje (VIKOR)
  • Technique for order preference through similarity to ideal solution (TOPSIS)
  • Analytic network process
  • AHP

Topical Protocols in Renewable Energy

  • Solar protocol
    • It is a web platform that is hosted across a network of solar-powered servers set in various locations all over the world. The solar panel and small battery are used to power the solar-powered server and that is the computer. The intermittent connectivity depends upon the existing sunshine, local weather conditions, and the length of the day
  • Kyoto protocol
    • It is suggested that trading mechanisms that assure adequate attention to renewable energy and that are the trading design and technology policy measures that are essential for the broad and long carbon market

Simulation Models in Renewable Energy

This renewable energy-based research project includes two significant simulation models and they are enlisted in the following.

  • EE model for a national energy system
  • National energy supply chain PSE model

Simulation Tools in Renewable Energy

  • Network simulator 3 (NS3)
    • The optimal communication protocols designed and simulated for the energy-harvesting wireless networks
  • Matlab power factory co-simulation framework
    • It is used as the economic valuation of electric vehicles integration in the distribution grid
  • Integrate open DSS and QGIS with Matlab
    • The smart grid opportunities are analyzed in large DNs
  • Matlab and Simulink
    • Educating sensitivity analysis attending to the cost and lifetime of the devices

Datasets in Renewable Energy

  • Long-term data from the heat meters in residential buildings depending on the outside temperature and characteristics of buildings
  • It is deployed to enhance the energy efficiency of residential buildings which is considered the exigent problem

We have started the list of questions that are randomly asked by the research scholars with the appropriate answers to develop their PhD topics in renewable energy.

People Ask Questions

What is the best renewable energy source for the future?

  • Nuclear fusion
  • Quantum dot solar cells
  • Human energy
  • Space-based solar farms
  • Core geothermal energy

What is the issue with renewable resources?

  • Production of some photovoltaic (PV) cells
  • Conventional air pollution
  • Low levels of GHG emissions
  • Manufacturing and transporting

Which type of renewable energy is the best?

Renewable energy sources are considered the effective phase to calculate the cost of fuel, environmental damages, and production. The wind is followed by solar, nuclear, hydro, and geothermal when it comes out through the wide margin.

What is a major challenge with using more renewable energy?

Renewable energy generation is supplying various variables and the fluctuation in wind and sunlight levels are supplying the minimum consistent which is derived from fossil fuels.

What is a module in renewable energy?

The single photovoltaic panel is the assembly of connected solar cells and that is called the solar module. Solar cells are used to absorb sunlight and that is the source of energy for electricity generation. In addition, it is deployed as the power supplier for the buildings.

Our research professionals and developers have years of experience in this field thus we are providing the appropriate selection of PhD topics in renewable energy for the doctoral dissertation. Our research experts have noble knowledge about the top-ranked universities and they know to provide topical research guidance that meets the prerequisites of the readers. So, the research scholars can reach us to fulfill all the research requirements with the best innovations and novel executions with support from our research experts.

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