Research Topics in Renewable Energy for PhD

In general, renewable energy is generated through natural processes which are refilled subsequently. In addition, this process includes water, tides, winds, geothermal heat, sunlight, and several other forms of biomass. We ensure that we have created this page for your reference to know about the latest research topics in renewable energy for phd.

Introduction to Renewable Energy

Renewable energies are denoted as the methods to generate energy using various natural resources and sources which are accessible in all the required time without any time limit. Additionally, renewable energy is used in the functions of self-usage. It is mainly referred for the energy cleaning process through natural resources.

How does it work?

  • Hydro energy
    • Hydropower is considered as the commercial development and the process of building the dam, the massive reservoir is deployed to create the flow of water with the regulated form and that is driven as a turbine to generate the electricity. It enables the electricity to store the functions and be utilized when it is required. Similar to wind energy, hydro is also sustainable as the commercial energy source
  • Solar energy
    • Solar energy is created through sunlight and it creates electricity for usage. Sunlight is the most abundant and freely available energy resource on the planet. The total energy required for planets for one whole year is lesser than the amount of solar energy that reaches the earth’s surface in one hour, thus it is denoted as the finest renewable energy source
  • Wind energy
    • The wind farms are progressively familiar with the sight of creating an ever-increasing contribution to the national grid. For the connection of electricity from wind energy and turbines which are deployed to drive the generators for the electricity feed. The systems of domestic and off-grid generation are existing in the domestic wind turbine

We provide complete research assistance in the renewable energy research field for research scholars. On that note, the research scholars have to know about the components that occurred in their selected research area. Thus, we have enlisted the components of renewable energy for your reference.

Components of Renewable Energy

  • Coordinator
    • It is used for the decision-making process to fulfill the power demand and for the execution of optimization solutions
  • Consumers
    • Business and residential power demands
  • Storage
    • Deployed to store the extra power
  • Generation
    • It is hybrid including solar and wind

The following is about the list of research applications in the renewable energy research field it is beneficial for the research scholars to prepare the finest PhD research work provided and these are highlighted by our experienced research professionals.

Latest Research Topics in Renewable Energy for PhD and MS Scholars

Applications in Renewable Energy

  • Biomass systems
  • Wind turbines
  • Solar thermal
    • Solar ventilation air preheating
    • Solar hot water
      • Space heating
      • Domestic water heating
  • Solar electric systems
    • Photovoltaic
  • Geothermal heat pump

Thus far, we have discussed some forceful research applications in renewable energy that every research scholar needs to be aware of while selecting their research topics in renewable energy for PhD. Right now, let’s converse about research problems in the research field based on renewable energy in the following.

Research Challenges in Renewable Energy

  • Climate mitigation strategies
  • Combustion related to environmental issues
  • Reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emission
  • Photovoltaic solar energy
  • Energy consumption
  • Modelling reliability issues
  • Microgrid issues
  • Substation automation issue
  • Electronic system integration issues
  • Frequency control issues
  • Sizing lead acid batteries in technical issues
  • Power quality issues

Research Solutions in Renewable Energy

The solar energy research pays more attention to the enhancement of affordable solar energy technologies and similar devices. Our research professionals used to provide support for the process of finding solutions based on the energy challenges that lead to a sustainable future. The significant research subjects with high efficiency in solar energy conversion and storage such as.

  • Allied devices
  • 3rd generation solar cells
  • Solar fuels
  • Photovoltaic

Types of Renewable Energy

  • Biomass energy
  • Geothermal energy
  • Tidal energy
  • Hydro energy
  • Wind energy
  • Solar energy

Above mentioned are various types of renewable energy. In the following, our research experts have listed out the processes that are utilized in the implementation phase of research based on renewable energy.

Processes in Renewable Energy

  • Solar generation analysis and prediction
    • It is capable of the better prediction of solar generation levels and with the assistance of utilities and grid operators with power and reliability
  • Integrating energy storage with solar including the functions of microgrid
    • It is enabling for more flexible generation and grid with the provision of operators and control options to balance demand and electricity in the increasing resiliency
  • Cyber security for PV systems integration
    • Availability
    • Integrity
    • Confidentiality
    • Authentication
    • Authorization
    • Access control
  • Power system planning and operation with high penetrations of PV
    • The process of planning, operating models, and software tools are required for the reliable, resilient operation of solar PV with safety in the interconnected transmission and distributed grid
  • PV power electronics
    • The power electronic devices include the PV inverters and the application materials such as the critical link among the solar panels and electric grid

At this moment, let us take a look at the list of research areas in this field of renewable energy. In addition, the research scholars have to go through and finalize the research fields before getting into the selection of research topics in renewable energy for PhD.

Research Areas in Renewable Energy

  • Electrical power systems
    • It is used for the development of digital control of power electronics and the distributed energy sources, machines, drives, and hybrid vehicles
  • Energy policy
    • Identification of barriers to growth
    • Understanding the barriers
    • Renovation in renewable energy technology
  • Energy storage
    • Electric magnetic
      • Superconducting magnetic energy storage
      • Supercapacitor
    • Electrochemical
      • Fuel cells
      • Hydrogen cells
      • Rechargeable batteries
    • Chemical
      • Power to gas
      • Hydrogen storage
      • Biofuel
    • Potential and kinetic
      • Flywheels
      • Compressed air energy storage
      • Pumped hydro
    • Thermal
      • Phase change materials
      • Ice storage
      • Thermal energy storage
  • Offshore renewable energy
    • Maintenance
    • Operations
    • Monitoring
    • Offshore installation
    • Reliability engineering
    • Testing
    • Moorings
    • Resource modeling
    • Marine hydrodynamics
    • Wave analysis
  • Exeter, energy, environment, and economy
    • It is the trans-disciplinary process to develop the models and tools for environmental access and the social sustainability

For your quick reference, our technical experts in renewable energy have highlighted the list of substantial research topics in renewable energy for PhD. More than that, our research experts are ready to implement the research scholars’ monitor ideas.

Research Topics in Renewable Energy

  • Numerical investigation of damage progressive in a composite tidal turbine for renewable marine energy
  • A Study on the implementation of economic zero-energy building according to Korea’s renewable energy support policies and energy consumption patterns
  • Electro-spunun semiconducting Nanofibers as an attractive material for renewable energy applications
  • Possibility to use renewable energy sources for increasing the reliability of responsible energy consumers in the enterprise
  • Classification of Turkey among European countries by years in terms of energy efficiency, total renewable energy, energy consumption, greenhouse gas emission, and energy it reports dependency by using machine learning
  • Use of big data technologies for the implementation of energy-saving measures and renewable energy sources in buildings
  • Analysis and inspiration of the national load all powered by renewable energy in Portugal

If you guys require more research topics in renewable energy to discuss and to shape your research knowledge you can approach our research experts. The following is the list of significant research trends that are occurred in the contemporary research platform and it is used to select the project titles based on renewable energy.

Research Trends in Renewable Energy

  • Pilot protection
  • Load scheduling and off-grid system
  • Low, medium, and high voltage distribution
  • Heterogeneous energy system
  • Greenhouse gas emission
  • Wind energy conversion
  • Motion control for turbines
  • Elimination of harmonic distortion
  • Active power management
  • Prediction of power dissipation
  • Solar panel tracker

Future Research Directions for Renewable Energy

The sources based on renewable energy are beneficial for scholars because of the limited negative environmental impact, and in the early days, they are expensive to use widely. But in recent days, they are considered a cost-effective process and it is the smart decision of the business, homeowners, and other based on finance.

Solar power is the finest offer for becoming the environmental footprint to save money and it is functional through the development of technologies and that is the most reliable source in the renewable energy process.

In addition, the following is about the list of methods that are used in the implementation of research topics in renewable energy for PhD. The projects based on renewable energy are using the modeling and simulation approach for the discrete event system and the specification environment.

Methods in Renewable Energy

  • Load demand
  • Storage devices
  • Wind turbines
  • Photovoltaic arrays

Simulation Tools in Renewable Energy

Renewable energy devices and systems are using Matlab and ansys for the simulation functions and various renewable generation technologies for multiple practical applications.

In addition, the Simulink is also a significant toolbox for Simscape electrical is used for the simulation process in the electrical systems.

Performance Metrics in Renewable Energy

  • Cumulative electricity distribution
  • Time series electricity profile
  • Low insolation
  • Normal insolation

Simulation Models in Renewable Energy

PT array blocks are one of the substantial simulation models in the renewable energy process and the array of photovoltaic modules. In addition, the array is created through the strings of modules that are connected with the parallel and all the strings include the modules that are connected in series.

The PV array block includes five parameter models through the usage of the light-generated current source, shut resistance, series resistance, and diode for the representation of irradiance and the temperature-dependent features of modules.

Following that, our research professionals in renewable energy have highlighted the list of datasets that are used in the execution of research projects.

Datasets in Renewable Energy

  • Data server energy consumption dataset
  • An improved control of the non-unity input power factor for classic multiphase matrix converters

People Asked Questions

What is the best renewable energy source for the future?

Wind and solar energy are considered the finest options for sustainable and clean sources of energy. These two are one of the cheapest and fastest-growing wildlife surrounding sites

What are some suggestions for research topics in renewable energy?

  • Electrification
    • It is denoted as the knock-on effect of renewables and the electrifying is assistive for the cooling, heating, and transportation
  • Tidal
    • It is stated as one of the areas in renewable energy to proceed despite the primary functions and the hydrokinetic technologies are also functioning with the run of river designs
  • Nonbatteryry storage
    • It is considered as the counterpoint of renewable energy with the areas to implement electrical storage such as
      • Subterranean compressed air
      • Pumped hydro

Why is renewable energy research important?

The enhancement of renewable energy is permitting users the replacement of carbon-intensive energy sources with the reduction of global warming emissions and the emission of global warming.

What is the scope of reference energy in the future?

There is a vast growth in India about the energy system and renewable energy is considered the primary commercial energy supply with 96.9%.

How efficient is renewable energy?

The well-organized forms of renewable energy are enlisted in the following for your reference.

  • Biomass (50%)
  • Hydroelectricity (26%)
  • Wind power (18%)
  • Solar energy (25%)
  • Geothermal

We hope that you got a general idea about the research topics in renewable energy for PhD research. Our research experts assist with all your research needs and we are to join hands with you to show the better heights in your research career.

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