Citation Index Journal List

A citation index is used to trace the impact of a research article and the researchers can search through the name of the author, significant keyword, research title and etc. In addition, the citation index is the relationship between the earlier research and the subsequent research. It is used to search the details about who cited the document, thus it is named a citation index journal list. All the citation databases are searched separately and the search is considered the default option. The process of searching has many options such as,

  • General search
    • It is used to search through the current publications using the keywords, authors and etc.
    • Generally, ISI databases are covered through the broad subject areas, and specifically, it suits multi-disciplinary topics
  • Search by topic
    • The database used to search for the words and phrases what is in the abstract, title, and the keywords
  • Search by source title
    • The source title is nothing the but title of the paper and this is used to list the particular title in the source index
  • Search by address
    • The search can be limited to specific languages and the types of documents
    • Abbreviations are used to list the commonly used address terms
  • Search by author
    • This search type is used to search the citation using the name of the author (last name and that is followed by the initial)
    • In addition, the utilization of the author index results in the author’s name in the alphabetical order

Institute for scientific information (ISI) is the company that makes the citation indexing service. It is used to build the database of current articles from thousands of journals and is selected to utilize for the citation process. It is deployed to separate the issues and analyzed for the publication process.

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Top Citation Index Jounral List

Citation index journals are required for the reference process and it is the search for related works through the search engine using various methods. The citation index is considered as the footnotes for the recent and related works. For your reference, we have highlighted some of the substantial citation index journals in the following.

  • ACM computing surveys
    • ACM computing survey is a reputed and innovative journal. It is used to publish the research articles and conference papers
  • ACS applied materials and interfaces
    • ACS applied materials and interfaces deployed as the interdisciplinary community of engineers, physicists, and biologists through paying more attention developed for the utilization of particular applications
  • An international journal of electronics and communications
    • AEU international journal of electronics and communications is the international scientific journal and it publishes the innovative and original research works
  • AI EADM – Artificial intelligence for engineering design analysis and manufacturing
    • This journal mainly focus on the journals related to the significant artificial intelligence theory
  • ANNALS of mathematics and artificial intelligence
    • It is used to present the range of topics with concern for the scholars applying logical, quantitative, combinational and etc.
  • Applicable algebra in engineering communication and computing
    • It is used to publish the rigorous in mathematics using the innovative algebraic methods
  • Applied artificial intelligence
    • It is one of the peer-reviewed scientific journals which covers the applications based on artificial intelligence in education, managements, industries and etc.

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