List of Scopus Indexed Journals 2022

Generally, the research scholar has to select the target journal for their research as well as verify that the journal must be indexed in the major abstract indexing databases which include SCIE, SCI, ISI, Scopus, etc. In addition, identifying a targeted journal along with a good citation report is not an easy task. Thus, our research experts are providing the finest paper publication assistance for the research scholars.

This article’s list of Scopus indexed journals provides an answer to the question How to find the Scopus indexed journals?

Scopus is considered the bibliographic database which includes the citations and abstracts for journal articles in the academic spectrum. The Scopus contains multiple research titles from over and more than 5,000 publishers among these several journals are peer-reviewed journals in the fields such as social science, technical, scientific, etc. It is delivering a comprehensive overview of the research output across the world.

Scopus indexes some journals which are published in Elsevier, Wiley, Emerald, Taylor, and Francis, and more. In addition, Scopus is considered the foremost international publisher of scientific journals and it is an independent content selection board. Our research team of experts provides the uppermost service and guidance for the paper publication process. Notably, we offer all-around satisfaction for the research scholars through selecting and publishing the paper in sci journal list and Scopus indexed journals.

Why should you publish Scopus indexed journals?

  • Great potential to distribute the knowledge
  • Leads to being familiar with the innovative field of research
  • Advanced scope for the research

We provide research papers that meet the high-quality and peer-reviewed journal requirements and include all the research fields in science and technology. In addition, we have years of experience in this publication process in top computer science scopus indexed journals  through this we assist the research scholars to develop their core knowledge.

Our assistance with paper publication

  • Innovative manuscript
  • Appropriate journal selection
  • Referring the reputed journal with a high impact factor
  • Open access submission
  • Finest editing and proofreading

Consequently, our experts offer ingenious research ideas, novel research scope, and unique and valuable creativities for the research scholars. In addition, we provide assistance for paper publishing with the appropriate time conveyance. The following is the list of notable Scopus-indexed journals.

Popular List of Scopus Indexed Journals

List of Scopus Indexed Journals

  • Taylor and Francis
    • Taylor and Francis is a nondestructive publisher and it is one of the reputable international publishers. In addition, it is a high-quality journal with a high impact factor. It is deployed to publish and host the top-cited journals among several research field
  • Springer Nature
    • Springer Nature is the flagship multidisciplinary journal of Springer. This journal is used to collect several ground-breaking articles across various research subjects. For add on information, it serves and provide support for the research community
  • Wiley-Blackwell
    • Wiley-Blackwell is one of the world’s leading society publishers and it has a wide range of journals and other academic services too. It is used to publish peer-reviewed journals across a broad range of scientific disciplines and includes research papers, books, encyclopedias, and more.
  • Tech Science Press
    • Tech Science Press is the finest journal across the world and it is deployed to publish research from several areas

Paper publication is the foremost service in the academic spectrum and we are providing assistance for publishing research papers in reputed journals which has a high impact factor, finest acceptance rate, and more. So, the research scholars can acquire some knowledge about journals through our experts.

Searching for the list of Scopus indexed journals with ISSN number, SJR rank, etc. is the toughest task for the research scholars who have completed writing their research papers and are ready to publish. Thus, our research experts have highlighted the list of Scopus indexed journals 2022 in the attached excel and that includes the specifications such as the name of the journal, rank, open access, ISSN, name of the publishers, etc.

Recent list of scopus indexed Journals 2022

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