Delay Tolerant Networks Research Topics

Huge time tolerating the propagation and transmission delay is known as Delay tolerant network. DTN also tolerates interruption and congestion in the network. Having technical skills in DTN, is essential to making a successful research career. Our team of experts will give you all the necessary practical explanations regarding these. Reach us for interesting delay tolerant networks research topics. 

Delay Tolerant Networks Research Topics


Data Transmission in DTN is classified under 3 heads.

  • Expedited traffic is transmitted first.
  • Normal traffic follows expedited packets
  • Bulk traffic is allowed only when all the other packets reach their target.  

Latest Delay Tolerant Networks Research Topics

  • Prototype testing, testbed, and empirical organization
  • Quality of service in DTN
  • Methods of constructing DTN
  • Mobile sinks enabled protocols
  • Dynamic path plan for mobile sinks
  • Tradeoffs in Security and Routing
  • Protocols for network distribution and synchronization
  • Optimistic Construction protocols in DTN
  • The efficiency of Routing in Node distribution patterns
  • Mobile sink protocols for scheduling, routing, and assigning channels

You can choose any one of these topics or you can come up with your DTN Project ideas. We have 7+ years of expertise in guiding research projects for DTN-related topics. So we can help you in delay tolerant networks research topics. For whatever topic of your interest, you need specialized support in writing your thesis. We are the most sought online research guidance in the world. So you can contact us for any help in thesis writing. Below is an explanation of routing needs in DTN.


Routing in DTN requires optimal use of energy, buffer space while ensuring utmost security and quality. The most significant aspects of routing in DTN are provided below.

  • Buffer space must be large enough to accommodate messages at intermediate levels
  • Due to connectivity issues energy consumed at the node is maximum
  • Authenticity is achieved only when recognition is made at the reception point.
  • Path challenges may reduce security in the transmission of data
  • Minimum power to process DTN is the major aim of DTN architecture

To ensure these characteristics in routing technology you need to be well-versed in DTN structure, functions, and design. You can use our 24/7 customer support facility to get your queries resolved. Below are the performance metrics in DTN.


Performance evaluation of one-hop path can be studied based on the following parameters

  • Standard deviation in throughput
  • Rate of transmission in wireless
  • Rate of loss in link packets
  • Mean throughput in the wireless link

Performance of network can be evaluated using the following characteristics

  • Nodes used
  • The ratio of the message delivered
  • Infected ratio deviation
  • Delay in message transmission

Your topic of thesis or research has to ensure excellence in the above metrics. You need not worry about this because we are here to provide you with ultimate support in your research career. The above performance can be evaluated after simulation. So we give you the simulation tools for DTN projects below.


The following are the simulation tools for DTN

  • Mininet emulator
  • Veins
  • SimPy framework
  • OMNeT ++ framework
  • SUMO

We have good knowledge of using these simulation tools for implementing DTN projects. We have got ample experience and massive resources to support you effectively. By the side of delay tolerant networks research topics selection, one can find the best online thesis/dissertation writing help in DTN. Here is a simple overview of all essential information for DTN thesis writing. Additionally, to write a master thesis, you should remember the following.


The success of any thesis lies in the interest that the writer generates in the mind of readers. All aspects dealt with in the paper should be present in the thesis. Your thesis marks your identity. It should be reader-specific. You can refer to the following aspects of an effective thesis statement. We ensure to make your thesis the best.


The main characteristics of an effective thesis are described below for your better perspective.

  • Main focus points must be mentioned
  • The topic must be stated positively
  • Acceptable solutions to possible research questions must be included
  • A preview of the entire research subject is presented in the introduction

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