List of SCI Journals 2022

The science citation index (SCI) is the subset of the Science citation index expanded (SCIE) includes the journals which have highly cited core journals. In addition, the SCI and SCIE are available online. SCI is considered the world’s leading journal and it has a high impact factor. SCIE selects the journals through a strict selection process and this journal is based on science and technology. The science journals (List of SCI Journals 2022) are covered with journals with significant and higher citation impacts which are selected for the process of SCIE journals. It includes the citation impact at a high level. SCI is the multi-disciplinary citation index and the indexed journals are indexed through the SCIE, SCI, and SSCI. There are two types of SCI publication processes such as,

  • National journals
    • The national institution or society used to start national journals and the foremost study of the subject concerning the specific country is the national publication
  • International journals
    • The subject which is relevant to the international perspective is called the international journal publication. The modern and innovative tools are used in these journals
    • The computerized applications are used for the enhancement of word choice and sentences

The scientific writing is translated into the published manuscript and our research experts guide the publication process. We assist the research scholars in the peer-reviewed journals and get the acceptance within a limited duration. In addition, we provide the finest research paper with meets all the required expectations in the journal. In addition, the expectations such as,

  • Research work should be recognized with the manuscript
  • The Aim and scope of the journal apply to paper
  • Utilize the appropriate title, abstract and notable keywords
  • Combination of relevant and adequate references
  • Manuscripts should be systemized using well-organized content
  • The manuscript should be revised and resubmitted within a given time

We provide the research work which meets the scientific standards for publishing the paper in SCI indexed journals because our research experts superintend the entire database management. We assist research scholars to write high-quality research papers and publish the paper in free and paid journals. Significantly, we publish the journals referenced in a database such as them  SCI-indexed journals, scopus indexed journal and SCIE-indexed journals, list of ieee journals in computer science.

SCI Journals List 2022

The experts offer a comprehensive overview of the scientific ideas to the research developments.

The submission process in SCI is a huge task for the research scholars. The research manuscript should be submitted as per the instructions given in the list of SCI Journals 2022. The author has the completed responsibility for the manuscript while the process of submission and peer review. The details about eligible coauthors should be enrolled in the manuscript and they have to approve the submitted version of the research manuscript. Submit the manuscript by registering on the given website for submission, after registering the details submit the manuscript. The following is about some of the significant journals in SCI

  • Elsevier SCI Ltd
    • Elsevier science limited is a global information analytics business that is supportive of the professionals in healthcare, open science, and the enhanced performance for the benefit of humanity
  • Oxford University Press
    • Oxford university press is considered the largest university press in the world and it is publishing the three significant markets such as research, education, and the language teaching
    • It is a world-class academic and educational resource and that is widely possible
  • Tech Science Press
    • Tech science press is striving to hold up the highest possibilities to publish the standard for the researchers, scholars, etc. It is used to publish the research articles based on science and engineering fields in sci indexed journals list computer science 
    • In addition, it publishes the monographs, conference papers, and academic articles
  • IEEE Computer SOC
    • IEEE computer society is the world’s largest technical professional organization and that includes the trusted information, career development source, networking, software engineers

The below mentioned excel is beneficial for the research scholars to acquire some knowledge about the list of SCI journals 2022 and that includes the details such as the name of the publisher, category of the web of science, ISSN, etc.

Latest List of SCI Journals 2022

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