List of IEEE Journals in Computer Science

Publications are considered an asset that empowers the authors to acquire recognition and acknowledgment as experts in a particular research field at national and international levels. In general, research journals are the accumulation of innovative thoughts, aspects, and views from the author one who is accompanying the researches and explores essential details to pen down their thoughts and outcomes in research journals. In addition, just like talking to different people about a certain topic develops the perspective on the selected topic, so does reading the thoughts and conclusions of different authors from latest List of IEEE Journals in Computer Science. Journals help you to view topics from several different angles, hence formulating your individual opinion and conclusion based on a particular research field.

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Selecting a research topic in a specific research field is effortlessly done by our research experts. In the following, we have highlighted the significant research notions in the topical areas based on computer science. Notably, our research experts are well versed in all the below-mentioned research topics in computer science.

Trending Research Areas in Computer Science

  • Pervasive computing
    • Cyber-physical pervasive computing
    • Patients healthcare management
  • Computer vision and pattern recognition
    • Multi-robot pattern recognition and machine learning
    • Multimedia data processing
  • Iris recognition
    • Non-cooperative iris recognition
    • Cancellable feature extrication
  • Finger vein recognition
    • Deep learning with multi-feature
    • Pixel and feature point grouping
  • Long-term evolution (LTE)
    • Scheduling inter and intra-cell resources
    • Delay sensitive packet scheduling
  • 5G network
    • Energy harvesting in URLLC and eNBB
    • New waveform and channel modeling
  • Artificial neural network
    • Text, character, and symbol detection
    • Self-diagnosis is the medical field
  • RPL protocol
    • Network traffic balancing
    • QoS and traffic-aware routing
  • Software engineering
    • Software quality checking and simulation
    • Agile method analysis and fact extraction
  • Skull identification
    • Post mortem and ante mortem image
    • Video and image-based superimposition

Key Notes about Research Publication

Implementing research and publishing the results of the analysis is crucial for the researchers who decided on a career in sciences. Doing research is only half of the picture. If the results of research studies or program documentation are not published and where they are published has an important impact and the other researchers cannot appreciate the value of the evidence generated. They cannot see the evidence and further build on it and overall science cannot develop and grow.

Scholarly articles pay efforts to deliberate and sketch the merits of other explanations and viewpoints which are in contrast to their views. The researchers do not seek to justify their own opinions and conclusions in the manuscript as the only credible truths, but rather acknowledge the contrasting opinions as credible too and then clarify why they draw numerous conclusions. Mainly, our research experts assist you to understand the pros and cons of the statements expressed in the journals, from more than one author’s viewpoint.

The specific process in the publication is peer review of the research manuscript through journal editors and reviewers. The research scholars have to put additional involvement in the research manuscript by avoiding plagiarism, using appropriate tables and figures in good resolution, accurate data provision about the statistical study, proper structure for the manuscript, and so on. The details have to be offered as per the guidelines given in the aim and scope of the journal. Research scholars should read the journal details before submitting the paper (whether it suits the selected research area for research).

Hereby, we have attached an excel based on the list of IEEE journals in computer science. Consequently, it includes the name of the publisher, the impact factor of the journal, etc. The research scholars can make use of the attachment by downloading it.

Latest List of IEEE Journals in Computer Science


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