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The publication forum level in force in the year in which the publication came out will be used to determine the level of the article and the book for the readers. In the case of individual articles and books, the rating factors include the publication type (a1 journals list) which is awarded to the article and book in question in the data collection procedure based on the education and culture as well as the series, conference, and book publisher used as the publication channel.

The relevant publication forum level is applied only to the peer-reviewed scientific and scholarly articles in journals, conferences, and compilations as well as to scholarly books. These are corresponding to the publication types such as A1 to A4 and C1 to C2 as defined in the instructions for the publication data collection. In the following, we have highlighted the notable grades for the journals.

  • A1 Journal article and original research
  • A2 Review article, literature review, and systematic review
  • A3 Book section and chapters in research books
  • A4 Conference proceedings
  • C1 Book
  • C2 Edited book and conference proceedings or special issue of a journal

The publications classified under types A1 to A4 and C1 to C2 must have registered ISSN or ISBN numbers. The publication forum includes the significant process with the determination and its sections in the publication information services which includes ISSN and ISBN. The publication forum category of the peer-reviewed articles in the journals and compilations, monographs, and edited books are determined principally as per the ISSN number of the article which links to the level awarded to the journal and the series. The level of book publishers is deployed to rate the books for the functions of the publication forum when the publication is capable of all the required particulars and the functionalities for the classification process.

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The level of peer-reviewed conference papers is fundamentally determined by the basic level of the conference listed as per the establishment of the name of the event. In addition, the conferences with all the event details are listed to classify the level of peer-reviewed research papers. The impact factor is essential to classify the research work, so the significance of the impact factor is listed in the following.

What is the impact factor?

The impact factor is a measure of the frequency with which the average article in a journal has been cited in a particular year. It is used to measure the significance of journals by calculating the time articles are cited. The calculation is based on two years and that involves dividing the number of articles that are cited through the number of articles and they are citable. It is essential to proceed with the significance of the published paper as the impact factor.

We provide the finest research paper for research publications and that will be in the highly reputed journals(Scopus indexed journals) which are considered the A1 journals list with the provision of an appropriate title, innovative research ideas, and plagiarism-free research port.

Impact Factor, Citation Analysis, and other Metrics

The list of A1 journals is highlighted in the following,

  • IEEE
    • IEEE is symbolized as the significant research journal for all the topical research areas in the academic spectrum such as electronics, computer science, electrical engineering, etc.
    • Springer
    • Springer is considered the finest publisher for academic journals and books based in the fields such as public health, social work, etc. It is used to collect various groundbreaking articles from the international experts
  • Wiley
    • The articles published in Wiley journals are considered high-quality journals. It is a well-known publisher for all the research scholars and it includes a wide range of journals and other services
  • ScienceDirect
    • Sciencedirect is the peer-reviewed and multi-disciplinary journal database that includes fields such as technology, science, social science, etc.

The publication is weighted using the coefficients which are related to the type of the publication (a1 journals list), refereed books, and articles with the publication forum level of the publication. The below mentioned the list of A1 journal list in excel and that is refereed with all the publishers. So, download and make use of the attachment.


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