Best Network Simulator for Research

In fact! Our research experts are providing the wide-ranging research support for the research scholars to develop a research project using the best network simulator and this article about the selection of best network simulator.

List of Network Simulators

We have started this article with the list of network simulators along with its most significant uses and supportive domains.

  • Cooja
  • It is the cross layer java based wireless sensor network simulator distributed with Contiki and it is supportive for IoT based simulation
  • Ns-3
  • C and C++ based applications are running and it is assistive for VANET, MANET, USN, IoT and SDN based simulation
  • Mininet
  • It is denoted as the provision of extensible python API for network creation and experimentations and that is supportive for SDN based simulation

Best Network Simulator

As an additional note, while comparing the above mentioned network simulator Ns-3 is denoted as the best network simulator to create the customized models. For instance, we have highlighted the process of creating new modules for that we have to execute the below mentioned commands to create modules.

cd /home/research/ns-allinone-3.26/ns-3.26/src

sudo ./  NewModuleName

Creation of New Module using Ns3

To configure and update the new modules we have to implement the below mentioned commands.

cd ..

sudo ./waf configure

Configuration of New Module

sudo ./waf build

Building New Ns3 Module

Now, you guys can start to develop a project using network simulator if you have any issues then reach us.

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