Biomedical Signal Processing Project Ideas

The processing of biomedical signals allows for the examination of one’s health. Like the credit score, the health score of our body is computed by the information provided by itself. So the Biomedical Signal Processing Project Ideas are gaining momentum for analysing all the biomedical signals. 

Interesting Biomedical Signal Processing Project Ideas

What is biomedical signal processing?

The heartbeats, blood pressure, blood glucose, activity of the brain are some biomedical signals. The task of interpreting the information from these is Biomedical signal processing. In the olden days, Information from all the signals was not analyzed together. Signals were recorded on a chart for every patient and Doctors make conclusions about treatments from the individual readings obtained at different points of the body. This is therefore a unique field for you to do research projects. The use of biomedical signal processing is as follows, 

  • Reliable data on health
  • Efficient recognition of abnormalities
  • Overall health analysis

Due to many such advantages research in Biomedical Signal processing project ideas has become a trend among engineers. We have guided in-depth research in biomedical signal processing and have devised new, successful, and advanced techniques. To know about all possible research topics of biomedical signals you can contact our company.

“Understanding a problem correctly is the first step to attain its exact solution”

Why do research in biomedical signal processing? 

“Knowledge is power” Research can magnificently contribute knowledge to mankind. Greater understanding promotes public awareness. It gives huge development. So you can feel very much satisfied because doing research is a way of paying back to society. We are providing professional research guidance for the past 15 years. Our world-class certified engineers can make your research journey more informative and enjoyable.

  • Biomedical signal processing provides a wide spectrum of opportunities to proceed with researches in the future.
  • With advancements in communication and electronics due to AI, IoT, etc, research in Biomedical signal processing provides a huge platform for real-time application of these developments.
  • Further, the field also expects more research and development to make cost-effective and efficient signal processing tools.

But doing good research can be time-consuming. If you are puzzled about how to start with your work, then you can confidently rely on us. The team of our experts has gained a very good reputation among scholars across the world. For current updates in any field of your choice, you can make a contact with us at any time. Our 24/7 customer support will connect you to our technical team for assistance. With Our well-experienced and updated technical team, we assure you of complete support for your research.


You can refer to our sample project in biomedical signal processing given below

Project Title: EEG Signal Analysis for Autism Spectrum Disorder Detection using Deep Learning Technique

Signals used: Beta, Theta, and Mu 


  • Small SNR and high noise values 
  • More artifacts and interference 
  • Low Accuracy 


Preprocessing– Separation of abnormal signals by Blind Source Separation. 

  • Removal of noise by Elliptic Bandpass filter with limit 0.5 to 60 Hz.
  • Removing artifacts by Independent vector analysis(IVA)
  • Feature Extraction 
    • Welch method is used for the extraction in the time domain.
    • Fast Fourier Transform extracts frequency and time-frequency domain features.
    • Short-Time Fourier Transform extracts Multi-electrode and connectivity features.
  • Feature Selection 
    • Modified Jaya algorithm (MJ) selects the best feature.
    • Considering rank and density estimation provides for better accuracy in classification.
  • Classification
    • Bayesian Extreme Learning Machine (SBELM) algorithm classifies Autism spectrum disorder signal  


The proposed work is better compared to other existing methods of detecting Autism spectrum disorder.

  • Accuracy
  • Specificity
  • Sensitivity
  • Computational time
  • ROC curve
  • SNR

We are happy to help you throughout your journey of research on any biomedical signal processing project ideas. With our expert knowledge, we assure to guide you through every nuke and corner update. We guarantee our complete PhD Assistance to your research work. 


You can check out this list of our ongoing research projects in Biomedical Signal processing.

  • An effective mechanism for VLSI Implementation of Independent Component Analysis aimed at Biomedical Signal Separation Using CORDIC Engine
  • A novel approach for Parametric Signal Estimation By Cumulative Distribution Transform
  • An effective mechanism for Analysis and Classification of Vibroarthrographic Signals using Tuneable ‘Q’ Wavelet Transform
  • An ingenious method for Dynamics of Brain Activity Captured via Graph Signal Processing of Neuroimaging Data to Predict Human Behaviour
  • The fresh function intended for Novel Detection Algorithm Used for Impedance Pneumography Signal’s Base Impedance Sharp Transitions
  • Effective performance for Energy-Efficient CMOS Dual-Mode Array Architecture for High-Density ECoG-Based Brain-Machine Interfaces
  • An original process for Diagnosis of Obstructive Sleep Apnea Using Speech Signals From Awake Subjects
  • A creative method for Automatic and Adaptive Signal- and Background-ROIs With Analytic-Representation-Based Processing intended for Robust Webcam-Based Heart-Rate Estimation
  • An effective function for Real-Time Filtering and ECG Signal Processing Based on Dual-Core Digital Signal Controller System
  • The innovative mechanism for Ultrasound-Based Biomedical System for Continuous Cardiopulmonary Monitoring: A Single Sensor for Multiple Information
  • A novel method of ECG Authentication Hardware Design With Low-Power Signal Processing and Neural Network Optimization With Low Precision and Structured Compression
  • An efficient method for Accelerated Dynamic Magnetic Resonance Imaging Using Learned Representations in Biomedical Imaging
  • The firsthand performance for Novel Adaptive Fading Kalman Filter-Based Approach to Time-Varying Brain Spectral/Connectivity Analyses of Event-Related EEG Signals
  • The new function for Super-Resolution of Optical Coherence Tomography Images by Scale Mixture Models
  • A creative mechanism for Computer vision-based identification of abnormal tissues in Biomedical images
  • An original method for Efficient Algorithm to Implement Sliding Singular Spectrum Analysis with Application to Biomedical Signal Denoising
  • A new-fangled process for Early Detection of Human Epileptic Seizures Based on Intracortical Microelectrode Array Signals
  • An inventive methodology for Sensors based Biomedical Framework to Monitor Patient’s Vital Parameters
  • An innovative method of Graph Convolutional Neural Networks to Classify Whole Slide Images

There is very little reliable research guidance across the world. We are one among them with a highly qualified and experienced team to support your research. The trust we have gained from customers across the world is our trademark. So you can start your research biomedical signal processing project ideas work with us and become a member of the family of 3000 happy customers.

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