Cooja IoT Simulator

We got you covered with all the required steps and functions based on Cooja IoT simulator over this article. Let’s get to know the step by step functions about this process.

Initially, we have highlighted the substantial notes based on Cooja simulator in IoT and the Cooja is capable to permit the large and small network of Contiki mote based on the low power devices of IoT. In addition, IoT simulation is deployed to share the information to provide the finest performance.

Meanwhile, we have to take a look at creation of IoT simulation in Cooja simulator through going to the file menu and create the new simulation which is highlighted in the following image.

Creation of IoT Simulation

As the consequent process, we have to create the new IoT mote through pressing the add mote option in motes menu and selecting the type mote to acquire the creation window which is similar to the image highlighted below.

Created IoT Mote

The research scholars can reach us at any time to acquire a lot about the Cooja simulator in IoT.

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