D2D Communication Research Survey

D2D or Device to Device communication establishes a direct connection between two devices. “Wi-Fi Direct, LTE, 5G, 6G are wireless technologies for D2D communication. Over the last two years, working on D2D communication project ideas is growing exponentially. Here is a complete D2D communication research survey details. Let us start with the research objectives in D2D communication.  

D2D Communication Research Comprehensive study

On this page, a comprehensive view of recent advances in D2D communication is discussed!!!!! 

Research Objectives in D2D communication

The following are the key objectives in D2D communication.

  • To enhance the area of coverage
  • To improve the usage of spectrum
  • Efficient allocation of resources
  • Offloading Backhaul
  • Optimal usage of novel services
  • Establishing D2D communications at a very small frequency range

With these objectives, the advantages of D2D communications are the following: (1). nearby devices are connected by this communication technique, (2). it improves the quality of data exchange, and it enhances the capacity of the system. Let us now understand the key ideas with complete D2D communication research survey. 


The key ideas of D2D communication are the following.

  • Dissemination of information
  • Monitoring of the network
  • Providing emergency services
  • Tracking of devices for data transmission
  • Extending the coverage under cellular networks

D2D communication technologies have been developed based on these ideas. Different technologies have emerged with these ideas and objectives. Those D2D communication technologies are given below. 


The following are the various D2D communication technologies that are successfully being used in the present day.

  • Zigbee technology covers from 30 to 100 m using Mesh or Star Topology with 250kb / s of data exchange rate
  • Bluetooth 4.0 covers up to 10m under the frequency of 2.4GHz using a star topology with a network speed of about 3-4 Mb/s
  • RFID covers 100 m operating in the range of 860-960 MHz with a data rate of 10-100 kb/s. It uses peer to peer topology
  • UWB communication covers less than 10m under 3.1-10.6GHz with star topology exchanging data up to 480 Mb/sRuBee communication works with 131 kHz frequency band covering 30m with peer to peer topology capable of exchanging data at 9.6Kb/s
  • Z wave type of communication uses 900MHz frequency band with mesh topology covering the home area at 13Kb/s data rate

For these different types of communication systems, the design is made using different algorithms. In the following, let us look into some of the important algorithms for D2D communication matlab projects.


Following is the list of important algorithms for D2D communication. From the following sets, basic knowledge of all these algorithms and greater knowledge on the one that you are opting to use are discussed.

  • Hungarian algorithm
  • Particle swarm optimization
  • Geometrical probability
  • Lagrangian multipliers
  • Han-Kobayashi
  • Maximum weight bipartite matching
  • Convex optimization
  • Silvynak’s theorem
  • Fubini’s theorem
  • Queueing theory
  • Distributed algorithms coalitional game theory
  • Discrete-Time Markov chain
  • Lyapunov optimization
  • Subgradient algorithm
  • Evolution theory
  • Exhaustive search
  • Graph theory
  • Newton’s method
  • Jensen’s inequality
  • Kun-Munkres algorithm
  • Chen stein method
  • Heuristic algorithm
  • Laplace transform
  • Alzer’s inequality

These are the major algorithms used in D2D communication systems. With more than 5000+ happy customers we are capable of providing you with highly customized research guidance. Our PhD Consultancy much experienced in rendering confidential research to students and research scholars across different universities of the world. Below is a sample project that we guided recently. 

SAMPLE PROJECT TITLE: Cluster-Based Emergency Message Dissemination and Gateway Selection in Cellular 5G/5GB V2X and D2D Communication for Urban Environment  

Description of project: 5G VANET architecture is used in this project. The system consists of the following different components.

  • Adaptive Mobility Aware Path Similarity – Forms cluster
  • Bayesian Rule-based Fuzzy Logic – establish V2V and D2D communication
  • Hypotrochoid spiral optimization – selects the efficient gateway
  • Safety Aware Hierarchical Tree-based Dissemination – Disseminates emergency information  


Our work has excelled the existing system of D2D communication based on the number and mobility of vehicles, in the following ways.

  • Throughput
  • Ratio Of Packets Delivered
  • Delay Of Transmission
  • Packet Drop Rate
  • Packet Arrival Rate

Thus, you can just contact us to get Complete D2D communication research survey. Our subject experts can help you in all aspects of your research. You can refer to the following research topics in D2D communication. 


  • A new process intended for Graph-Based File Dispatching Protocol with D2D-Enhanced UAV-NOMA Communications in Large-Scale Networks
  • A fresh mechanism for Joint caching and sleeping optimization for D2D-aided ultra-dense network
  • A creative method for Statistical QoS Guarantees for Licensed-Unlicensed Spectrum Interoperable D2D Communication
  • The fresh technique for Efficient Resource Allocation and Power Control for LTE-A D2D Communication With Pure D2D Model
  • A New Methodology intended for MBSFN Area Formation Aided by D2D Communications for eMBB Service Delivery in 5G NR Systems
  • An innovative performance for Weighted Sum Secrecy Rate Maximization for D2D Underlaid Cellular Networks
  • An ingenious manner for Exploiting Social Relationships intended for Trustworthy D2D Relay in 5G Cellular Networks
  • A novel technique for Smart Grid Network With D2D Communication and Coherent PLC-based Error Analysis
  • The fresh process for Local Information Sharing System With Wireless Device-to-Device Communications (D2D)
  • An innovative mechanism for Incentive scheme intended for slice cooperation based on D2D communication in 5G networks
  • The new method used for Quality Adaptation and Resource Allocation for Scalable Video in D2D Communication Networks
  • An ingenious process meant for Energy Efficiency Optimization for Distributed Antenna Systems with D2D Communications under Channel Uncertainty
  • The effectual mechanism for Covert Communications in D2D Underlying Cellular Networks With Antenna Array Assisted Artificial Noise Transmission system
  • Innovative performance for Contents Caching Scheme in D2D Caching Systems when Incentives are Provided to Users
  • A competent mechanism for Deep learning-based physical layer security of D2D underlay cellular network
  • The fresh method of Energy Efficiency Optimization and Dynamic Mode Selection Algorithms for D2D Communication under HetNet in Downlink Reuse
  • On the Enactment of Multihop Cognitive Wireless Powered D2D Communications in Wireless Sensor Networks
  • An innovative mechanism for Deep Reinforcement Learning Based D2D Relay Selection and Power Level Allocation in mmWave Vehicular Networks
  • A new mechanism for Radio Resource Allocation Scheme aimed at Reliable Demand Response Management used by D2D Communications in Smart Grid

You can choose any one of these topics or come with your own topic. We assist you to understand the recent trending research areas in the field and decide your topic of research. If you need further details, reach our D2D Expert Engineer panel team for complete D2D communication research survey study. We have guided countless engineering students and phd, ms scholars

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