Download Mininet

Most significantly, Mininet is defined as software that creates a virtual network. It is a python based SDN controller platform geared towards research and education. Mininet is a network emulator and offers a simplified version of real network.

Process to Download Mininet

Hereby following process are deployed for downloading Mininet. To download the Mininet,

Step 1:

Open the Ubuntu terminal and then execute the following command line in the git clone .The git package used to download the needed package into your home drive location.

Command for download Mininet:

Step 2:

After executing the command line in the git clone, and then change the location and          view the available downloaded Mininet versions. To install the downloaded Mininet versions,

  • Cd Mininet
  • Git tag

Available downloaded Mininet versions:

Available  downloaded Mininet versions

Programming languages that supports in Mininet

Mininet pays the way to create the custom topology by using programming languages.

The significant programming languages are,

  • Python
  • Java

Mininet commands

  • Dump

  It lists information about all nodes, it tells which host and switches are connected to   each other.

  • Pingall

Literally displays the connectivity between all nodes.


     It is deployed for ping the connection between h1 and h2.

  •   Iperf

 It is used to test the bandwidth between two hosts. It is used to measure the throughput of the network that is carrying them.

To this end, we hope that we have provided the enough amount of information to    install Mininet.

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