Glomosim Network Simulator

Mainly, this article is the representation of the most significant notes about glomosim network simulator with the guidance of our research experts. In general, global mobile information system simulator is abbreviated as glomosim and it is an open source network simulator which is deployed to simulate several networks such as.

  • Communication networks
  • Satellite networks
  • Wireless networks
  • Wired networks

Programming Languages for Glomosim

Following that, we have listed some programming languages which are used in glomosim network simulator.

  • C [.c,.h,.pc]
  • It is used to build parallel discrete event simulation
  • Java [.java]
  • It is deploted to make the glomosim platform as independent

Techniques Used in Glomosim

In addition, we have enlisted some substantial techniques based in glomosim network simulator.

  • Physical layer
  • Two ray ground reflected model
  • Free space propagation model
  • Application layer
  • File transfer protocol [FTP]
  • Telnet
  • Transport layer
  • User datagram protocol [UDP]
  • Transmission control protocol [TCP]
  • Network layer
  • Open shortest path first algorithm
  • Dynamic source routing
  • Ad hoc on demand distance vector routing
  • Data link layer
  • Carrier sense multiple access
  • Multiple access with collision avoidance
  • Time spread multiple access technique

While working on this process of glomosim network simulator by your own, you guys may face some issues and we have here to help, so ping us to aid more.

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