How Do I Install OMNeT++ on Windows 7

Through this article our research professionals have highlighted the significance about the installation of OMNeT++ on windows 7 along with the step by step process.

Download OMNeT++ Packages

To begin with, we have to download the omnet-4-6-win32-source-ide-mingw-zip and we have to create the folder namely omnet-4.6 in the local drive location to extract the zip file.

Downloading OMNeT++

Start Command Window

Following that, we have to open the omnetpp-4.6 location to select and double click the file namely, mingwenv.cmd.

Staring the Command Window

Install OMNeT++ on Windows 7

Finally, we have to install the OMNeT++ on windows through the implementation of the below mentioned commands in the mingwenv window.

. setenv

Execution of . Setenv Command


Configuration of OMNeT++


Installation of OMNeT++

In addition, the research scholars can reach us, if you guys face any issues while installing OMNeT++ in your system.

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